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Build instruction

Poul Sander edited this page Sep 18, 2016 · 1 revision

Requirements: A C-compiler (gcc or clang) and make

If the requirements are met this should build it:


This will build the qvm files and so/dll files. There can be packed in a pk3 file like everything else.


For my convenience I use a script the builds the qvm-files, packs them as a mod and launched the game with the mod selected. You can use the scripts too:

Go to the linux script folder:

cd linux_scripts

In this folder create a file called ''supermake.local'' In that file put:

#The full path to start OpenArena
#The architecture. Use "i386" for 32 bit (default) or "x86_64" for 64 bit.

Now the game can be compiled, packed and started with:

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