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  1. github-actions-workflows github-actions-workflows Public

    Reusable workflows for GitHub Actions

    Python 16 13

  2. packaging-guide packaging-guide Public

    A generic Python packaging guide and template. Slightly focused more towards scientific packages.

    Python 41 23

  3. azure-pipelines-templates azure-pipelines-templates Public

    An opinionated set of Azure Pipelines templates for Python projects using pyproject.toml (PEP517) and tox

    Shell 11 20

  4. sphinx-changelog sphinx-changelog Public

    A package to render your changelog into your sphinx documentation

    Python 6 10

  5. build-python-dist build-python-dist Public

    GitHub action to build a source distribution for a Python package, and optionally a wheel for pure-Python packages.

    Python 2 5

  6. pyastro pyastro Public

    Webpages for the Python in Astronomy Conference Series

    JavaScript 10 12


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