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Welcome to the NAM 2017 Hackday wiki!

This page is just a place we can put some project ideas down to give you a sample of what will be on offer.

Project Ideas

(1) VR Review

We have 2 VR headsets and 2 Microsoft Hololens AR headsets, we're going to take a look at some of the space-themed options and hopefully make some reviews. Some examples are:

  1. Universe Sandbox
  2. Apollo 11 VR
  3. Spacetours VR
  4. Mars Odyssey
  5. Titans of Space 2.0
  6. Space, VR!
  7. Star Chart
  8. Buzz Aldrin: Cycling Pathways to Mars

(2) SunbYte - The Solar Telescope Project

This is a student project to send a solar telescope to high altitude on a balloon. Based in Sheffield and with contributes across the country it's a great project covering everything from astrophysics to engineering and even outreach. We have 2 of the team members bringing some of the actual equipment and software that will be used in the hope of getting some testing done and generally just showing everyone what the project is all about.

(3) VR Data Visualization

We'll also have access to a couple of Oculus Rift DK2 development kits, we're hoping to try and use these to try and visualize some of our data. We know ParaView has this option, and YT have worked on VR, so we hope to see if we can get any of this working and ideally build on it.

(4) Lego for Outreach

A more cloudy idea, many people have been thinking of how to use toys for getting people interested in science, we think Lego is a great opportunity for this and we wanna try to think of ideas. Take the York Binding Blocks nuclear physics approach and build on it, I'm sure we can think of a more interactive way to make Lego represent our favorite subject.

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