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#ifndef _____OpenBCI_32bit__
#define _____OpenBCI_32bit__
#include <DSPI.h>
#include <Arduino.h>
#include "OpenBCI_32bit_Library_Definitions.h"
void __USER_ISR ADS_DRDY_Service(void);
class OpenBCI_32bit_Library {
// Start up functions
boolean accelHasNewData(void);
void accelUpdateAxisData(void);
void accelWriteAxisData(void);
void begin(void);
void beginDebug(void);
boolean beginSecondarySerial(void);
char getCharSerial0(void);
char getCharSerial1(void);
boolean hasDataSerial0(void);
boolean hasDataSerial1(void);
void writeSerial(char *data, int len);
boolean isADSDataAvailable(void);
void writeTimeCurrent(void);
void writeZeroAux(void);
void activateAllChannelsToTestCondition(byte testInputCode, byte amplitudeCode, byte freqCode);
void channelSettingsArraySetForAll(void);
void channelSettingsArraySetForChannel(byte N);
void channelSettingsSetForChannel(byte channelNumber, byte powerDown, byte gain, byte inputType, byte bias, byte srb2, byte srb1);
void leadOffConfigureSignalForAll(byte amplitudeCode, byte freqCode);
void leadOffConfigureSignalForTargetSS(byte targetSS, byte amplitudeCode, byte freqCode);
void leadOffSetForAllChannels(void);
void leadOffSetForChannel(byte channelNumber, byte pInput, byte nInput);
boolean processChar(char character);
void processIncomingBoardMode(char character);
void processIncomingChannelSettings(char character);
void processIncomingLeadOffSettings(char character);
void resetChannelSettingsArrayToDefault(byte channelSettingsArray[][OPENBCI_NUMBER_OF_CHANNEL_SETTINGS]);
void resetLeadOffArrayToDefault(byte leadOffArray[][OPENBCI_NUMBER_OF_LEAD_OFF_SETTINGS]);
void sendChannelDataWithAccel(void);
void sendChannelDataWithRawAux(void);
void sendChannelDataWithTimeAndAccel(void);
void sendChannelDataWithTimeAndRawAux(void);
void streamSafeChannelDeactivate(byte channelNumber);
void streamSafeChannelActivate(byte channelNumber);
void streamSafeChannelSettingsForChannel(byte channelNumber, byte powerDown, byte gain, byte inputType, byte bias, byte srb2, byte srb1);
void streamSafeSetAllChannelsToDefault(void);
void streamSafeReportAllChannelDefaults(void);
void streamSafeLeadOffSetForChannel(byte channelNumber, byte pInput, byte nInput);
void streamSafeTimeSendSyncSetPacket(void);
void streamStart(void);
void streamStop(void);
void writeChannelSettings();
void writeChannelSettings(byte N);
void changeChannelLeadOffDetect();
void changeChannelLeadOffDetect(byte N);
void configureLeadOffDetection(byte amplitudeCode, byte freqCode);
boolean waitForNewChannelData(void);
// Variables
boolean daisy;
boolean sniffMode;
boolean streaming;
boolean timeSynced;
boolean sendTimeSyncUpPacket;
boolean isProcessingIncomingSettingsChannel;
boolean isProcessingIncomingSettingsLeadOff;
boolean settingBoardMode;
volatile boolean channelDataAvailable;
boolean isProcessingMultibyteMsg(void);
boolean isValidBoardType(char c);
uint8_t curBoardMode;
int numberOfIncomingSettingsProcessedChannel;
int numberOfIncomingSettingsProcessedLeadOff;
char streamPacketType;
char currentChannelSetting;
// Getters
char getChannelCommandForAsciiChar(char asciiChar);
char getConstrainedChannelNumber(byte channelNumber);
byte getDefaultChannelSettingForSetting(byte setting);
char getDefaultChannelSettingForSettingAscii(byte setting);
char getGainForAsciiChar(char asciiChar);
char getNumberForAsciiChar(char asciiChar);
char getTargetSSForConstrainedChannelNumber(byte channelNumber);
char getYesOrNoForAsciiChar(char asciiChar);
DSPI0 spi; // use DSPI library
boolean useAccel;
boolean useAux;
void initialize(void);
void initializeVariables(void);
void printAllRegisters(void);
void sendChannelData(void); // send the current data with sample number
// ADS1299
void initialize_ads(void);
void setChannelsToDefault(void);
void reportDefaultChannelSettings(void);
void printADSregisters(int);
void WAKEUP(int); // get out of low power mode
void STANDBY(int); // go into low power mode
void RESET(int); // set all register values to default
void START(int); // start data acquisition
void STOP(int); // stop data acquisition
void RDATAC(int); // go into read data continuous mode
void SDATAC(int); // get out of read data continuous mode
void RDATA(int); // read data one-shot
byte RREG(byte,int); // read one ADS register
void RREGS(byte,byte,int); // read multiple ADS registers
void WREG(byte,byte,int); // write one ADS register
void WREGS(byte,byte,int); // write multiple ADS registers
byte ADS_getDeviceID(int);
void printRegisterName(byte); // used for verbosity
void printHex(byte); // used for verbosity
void updateChannelData(void); // retrieve data from ADS
void updateBoardData(void);
void updateDaisyData(void);
byte xfer(byte); // SPI Transfer function
void resetADS(int); // reset all the ADS1299's settings
void startADS(void);
void stopADS(void);
void activateChannel(byte); // enable the selected channel
void deactivateChannel(byte); // disable given channel 1-8(16)
void configureInternalTestSignal(byte,byte);
void changeInputType(byte);
void ADS_writeChannelData(void);
// void ADS_printDeviceID(int); //
boolean smellDaisy(void);
void removeDaisy(void);
void attachDaisy(void);
void writeAuxData(void);
short auxData[3]; // This is user faceing
byte regData[24]; // array is used to mirror register data
byte lastBoardDataRaw[24];
byte boardChannelDataRaw[24]; // array to hold raw channel data
byte meanBoardDataRaw[24];
byte lastDaisyDataRaw[24];
byte daisyChannelDataRaw[24];
byte meanDaisyDataRaw[24];
int boardStat; // used to hold the status register
int daisyStat;
int boardChannelDataInt[8]; // array used when reading channel data as ints
int lastBoardChannelDataInt[8];
int meanBoardChannelDataInt[8];
int daisyChannelDataInt[8]; // array used when reading channel data as ints
int lastDaisyChannelDataInt[8];
int meanDaisyChannelDataInt[8];
int numChannels;
byte channelSettings[OPENBCI_NUMBER_OF_CHANNELS_DAISY][OPENBCI_NUMBER_OF_CHANNEL_SETTINGS]; // array to hold current channel settings
byte defaultChannelSettings[OPENBCI_NUMBER_OF_CHANNEL_SETTINGS]; // default channel settings
byte leadOffSettings[OPENBCI_NUMBER_OF_CHANNELS_DAISY][OPENBCI_NUMBER_OF_LEAD_OFF_SETTINGS]; // used to control on/off of impedance measure for P and N side of each channel
boolean useInBias[OPENBCI_NUMBER_OF_CHANNELS_DAISY]; // used to remember if we were included in Bias before channel power down
boolean boardUseSRB1; // used to keep track of if we are using SRB1
boolean daisyUseSRB1;
boolean verbosity; // turn on/off Serial verbosity
boolean daisyPresent;
boolean firstDataPacket;
byte sampleCounter;
short axisData[3];
void initialize_accel(byte); // initialize
void enable_accel(byte); // start acceleromoeter with default settings
void disable_accel(void); // stop data acquisition and go into low power mode
byte LIS3DH_getDeviceID(void);
byte LIS3DH_read(byte); // read a register on LIS3DH
void LIS3DH_write(byte,byte); // write a register on LIS3DH
int LIS3DH_read16(byte); // read two bytes, used to get axis data
int getX(void);
int getY(void);
int getZ(void);
boolean LIS3DH_DataReady(void); // check LIS3DH_DRDY pin
boolean LIS3DH_DataAvailable(void); // check LIS3DH STATUS_REG2
void LIS3DH_readAllRegs(void);
void LIS3DH_writeAxisData(void);
void LIS3DH_writeAxisDataForAxis(uint8_t axis);
void LIS3DH_updateAxisData(void);
void csLow(int);
void csHigh(int);
boolean boardBegin(void);
boolean boardBeginDebug(void);
boolean boardBeginDebug(int);
void boardReset(void);
void ledFlash(int numberOfFlashes);
void sendEOT(void);
char buffer[1];
// ADS1299
boolean isRunning;
int DRDYpinValue;
int lastDRDYpinValue;
// Time sync Variables
unsigned long timeOffset;
unsigned long timeSetCharArrived;
unsigned long timeComputer;
unsigned long timeCurrent;
// Time sync Methods
// unsigned long timeGet(void);
// void timeSet(char character);
void timeSendSyncSetPacket(void);
// This let's us call into the class from within the library if necessary
extern OpenBCI_32bit_Library board;