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OpenBCI 32bit Upgrade Guide

The purpose of this document is to provide instruction, resources, and advice for upgrading an OpenBCI 32bit 8-16 channel board firmware.

Upgrading to 2.0.0

You must re-program three (3) different microcontrollers: Chipkit Pic32 (hereafter called Pic) on the Board, RFduino on the Board (hereafter called Device), and the RFdunio on the Dongle (hereafter called Host).

The order of programming should go as follows

  1. Flash the Device with RadioDevice32bit
  2. Flash the Host with RadioHost32bit
  3. Flash the Pic with DefaultBoard

Awesome New Features

  • Examples folder contains a bunch of awesome code to get you started as fast as possible!
  • Time syncing
  • Send custom packet types for your openbci driver to decipher!
  • Send user defined packet types (let's you do custom code on the pic and still use our high speed mode!)
  • Change baud rate on Host to 230400 or 921600
  • Change radio channel number from the computer

What this update set out to solve

  • Removed burger code. Now you can send strings of commands from a driver instead of one at a time.
  • Moved mission critical code into library. Play around in the .ino files without breaking the core features of the board.
  • Over the air (OTA) programming stabilization.
  • Always send $$$ after any text send from the board. (i.e. d and c just sent text with not $$$)


In depth tutorials

New commands

Installing Previous Versions

To install previous versions of the firmware checkout the Releases folder to download 1.0.0: