Contains files created with Design Spark PCB Capture Software
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Contains files created with Design Spark PCB Capture Software


Design Spark is a free PCB design software available for download here

Download and install the Design Spark software (Windows based), then follow the instructions below to view, modify, etc.

The OpenBCI board suite uses many custom components that we've designed in Design Spark. In order to use the design files to their fullest extent, you must add the files contained in the Design Spark Libraries folder to the following location:

Users\Public\Documents\DesignSpark PCB 7.0\Library\User

Then, fire up Design Spark! If this is your first time running Design Spark, you will need to enable the Library folder first thing. When Design Spark opens, open the Libraries pane by clicking File, Libraries (Cntrl+L). When it opens, click on the Folders tab and select

C:\Users\Public\Documents\DesignSpark PCB 7.0\Library 

Then click the 'Folder Enebled' radio button.

Now when you open the .sch and .pcb files, you can modify to your hearts delight!

License Information

All contents of this repository are released under Creative Commons Share-alike 3.0.