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OpenBMP Grafana Integration

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Grafana can be used with the OpenBMP backend to visualize BGP data and statistics.

This repository contains various dashboards that can be used against the backends.

Postgres is the preferred database system at the moment.

(1) Install Grafana

Below is how you can use Grafana via Docker.

Install Docker

Install Docker CE per docker instructions.

Run Grafana

docker run only needs to be called when first creating the container and when upgrading the container. Below is an example of how to install/run the container.

docker run -d -p 3000:3000 \
    --name grafana -h grafana \

There are numerous environment variables you can set. See Docker Grafana for more details.

(2) Install Grafana Plugins

You will need various plugins. We recommend installing at least the following:

  • Bubble Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Datatable Panel
  • Status Panel

You can install these as follows:

docker exec -it grafana bash
grafana-cli plugins install digrich-bubblechart-panel
grafana-cli plugins install grafana-piechart-panel
grafana-cli plugins install briangann-datatable-panel
grafana-cli plugins install vonage-status-panel
docker restart grafana

(3) Add PostgreSQL data source

Follow the data source Postgres Install instructions.


A default user has been created already, so you can use that.

The credentials for the user are username: 'admin' and password: 'Snas123'


  • By default SSL is enabled for Postgres, but it's using a self-signed cert.
  • When adding the data source, set the SSL mode to "require" if using the default container.
  • If you need to use your own certificate and key, add them to the /var/openbmp/config directory with the names postgres_cert.pem and postgres_cert.key
  • username: openbmp
  • password: openbmp
  • database: openbmp
  • host: If running on the same server, use the public IP or docker0 localhost will not work.

(4) Import Dashboards

Download the dashboards you want to import to grafana on your local machine.


You do not have to be on the same machine where Grafana is running. You can import dashboards from your laptop/desktop via the browser.

You can get them all using git:

git clone

Dashbaords will be under obmp-grafana/dashboards

Now you can import them by following the Grafana Import instructions.

The Home dashboard will need to be updated based on your Folders.