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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from __future__ import print_function # (at top of module)
import sys, requests
# Note: in order to use this example, you need to have at least one account
# that you can send money from (i.e. be the owner).
# All properties are now kept in one central place
from props.default import *
# You probably don't need to change those
import lib.obp
obp = lib.obp
# login and set authorized token
obp.setPaymentDetails(OUR_CURRENCY, OUR_VALUE_LARGE)
banks = obp.getBanks()
our_bank = banks[0]['id']
cp_bank = obp.getCounterBankId()
cp_account = obp.getCounterpartyAccountId()
print ("our bank: {0}".format(our_bank))
#get accounts for a specific bank
print (" --- Private accounts")
accounts = obp.getPrivateAccounts(our_bank)
for a in accounts:
print (a['id'])
#just picking first account
our_account = accounts[0]['id']
print ("our account: {0}".format(our_account))
print ("")
print (" --- Get owner transactions")
transactions = obp.getTransactions(our_bank, our_account)
print ("Got {0} transactions".format(len(transactions)))
print (" --- Get challenge request types")
challenge_types = obp.getChallengeTypes(our_bank, our_account)
print (challenge_types)
challenge_type = challenge_types[0]
print (challenge_type)
print ("")
print ("Initiate transaction request (small value)")
initiate_response = obp.initiateTransactionRequest(our_bank, our_account, challenge_type, cp_bank, cp_account)
if "error" in initiate_response:
sys.exit("Got an error: " + str(initiate_response))
if (initiate_response['challenge'] != None):
#we need to answer the challenge
challenge_query = initiate_response['challenge']['id']
transaction_req_id = initiate_response['id']['value']
challenge_response = obp.answerChallenge(our_bank, our_account, transaction_req_id, challenge_query)
if "error" in challenge_response:
sys.exit("Got an error: " + str(challenge_response))
print ("Transaction status: {0}".format(challenge_response['status']))
print ("Transaction created: {0}".format(challenge_response["transaction_ids"]))
#There was no challenge, transaction was created immediately
print ("Transaction was successfully created:")
print ("{0}".format(initiate_response))