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Welcome to the OBP roadmap!

This document contains

Our roadmap is agile and likely to be modified / re-prioritised based on demand from banks and developers. It should be seen as an indication of direction rather than something set in stone.

This document mainly concerns OBP API but may reference other OBP projects.

If you have a particular requirement or would like to comment or help us specify, please get in touch or make a pull request to this document.

Current developments

Completed developments



Version 4.0.0

  • Add Accounts query API (by Product Code etc.)

  • Model Offers

  • Model Direct Debits

  • Model Future Payments with Transaction Requests

  • Create scripts to populate Products for

    • Fixed Term Deposits (size, term, interest rate, constraints)
    • Savings accounts (interest rate, constraints)
  • Customer Portfolio summary endpoint.

  • Clarify Account Customer Owners.

  • Auto feed of Firehose Accounts/Transactions/Customers into Elastic Search

  • Kafka Stream API for Accounts/Transactions/Customers

SDK Documentation Upgrade

  • Update SDK docs so API root links are clearly place holders
  • Create second generation SDKs