BNP Paribas OBP API Sandbox

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This is a special page for the BNP Paribas OBP API sandbox created for the BNP Paribas International Hackathon on June 17-19 2016 in Brussels, Istanbul, Paris, Rome, Berlin, London and San Fransisco.


This document may be updated.


Open Bank Project is an open source API for banks that provides a RESTful interface for developers to build customer facing applications without needing to code for each bank and/or account type differently. You can use it as a flexible toolbox of data and services to help realise (a.k.a. hack!) your ideas together. For these hackathons, developers have access to simulated transaction data for imaginary customers and anonymised data which requires explicit permision to access (see below).

What sort of applications can I build with the OBP API?

Customer facing retail banking and fintech applications for consumers, SMEs, associations, charities, governments and NGOs; including (but not limited to!) Personal Finance Management (PFM) Solutions, online accounting integration, financial widgets, Savings Apps, Education Apps, Gamification, Peace of Mind Apps, Transparency Apps, Crowd funding, on boarding, CRM, Data Analytics etc..

What data and services can I access?

This OBP instance contains a mixture of dummy customer related data (see the list below) and anonymised BNP Paribas warehouse data.

Dummy Customer related data / services include:

  • Account information, balance and transaction history of multiple bank accounts
  • Enrich bank transactions with metadata (tags, comments, urls and geolocation) for example to link a receipt or video to a transaction
  • Create/Access different views on accounts. Each view grants a subset of the data to a restricted group of users. For example, a customer could offer special views on his account to his accountants, auditors or regulators. A charity might open their accounts to the public
  • Initiate payments (Transaction Requests)
  • Onboard Customers (KYC etc.)

Anonymised Data Warehouse data:

Please note: Access to the Anonymised Data Warehouse is restricted to the participants of the Internatational Hackathon

1) Logout here

2) Register a username / password that will be used in your App to get access to the anonymised datawarehouse data.

3) Login here as that user

4) Get the user_id of this user using the API / API Explorer

5) Send us your Full Name, Project Name, email and the user_id(s) that should access this data to or via Slack.

6) Once we have granted you access we will notifiy you on Slack

7) **Now you can use the end point documented at

Available types in the warehouse:


Search Warehouse examples:

To get all TRANSACTIONs:

To page through all transactions (use size=1 and from=n). 
Note: q is required. The default field (df) is set to _type. Thus we search for records of type TRANSACTION:

To page through transactions of one particular customer, sorted by date:

To get all ASSET records for a specified customer: 

To get CUSTOMERs from the production002 index use:

For more information about Elastic Search query syntax see

8) If you have questions please post to the BNPP-ih-2016 channel on Slack.

For a list of fieldnames available to search please use the private slack channel here

Application registration

You will need to register your application here. You will get a consumer key and consumer secret for the calls requiring OAuth or Direct Login authentication.

Direct Login

For hackathon situations, unless you are already familiar / connected to our OAuth server, we recommend Direct Login. See the Direct Login instructions here


To get started with OBP and OAuth we recommend you use (and fork) one of our Starter SDKs

Note: Many examples in the docs / SDKs use the general OBP sandbox domain. Make sure you use the correct domain in all calls i.e. !


Technical details about the OAuth flow including getting a request token, redirecting the user, getting an access token and accessing protected resources are available here. Please ask us (see below) if you are stuck with this.

API documentation

  • For the current stable API version see 1.3.0.

  • For the latest version (recomended) see 2.0.0

Customer logins

During the OAuth login or Direct Login, the user of your app will be asked for a customer username/password.

Here are some example logins (email / password) to test your Direct Login or OAuth flow:

"display_name":"Robin Fr.04"

"display_name":"Suzanne Fr.04"

"display_name":"Nathan Fr.04"

"display_name":"Ellie Fr.04"

Note: In order to access the proper simulated accounts, please ask a member of the Open Bank Project team for a login. You can use this application which also uses OAuth to browse your transaction data (use the above username/password).

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