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This is a special page for the PSD2 OBP API sandbox. See for some background information.

If you have any questions, please ask us! Contact details are at the bottom of this page.

TL;DR Go here: PSD2 OBP API Sandbox


Open Bank Project is an open source API for banks providing a common RESTful interface for developers to build customer facing applications. You can use it as a flexible toolbox of data and services to help build your ideas. This sandbox contains simulated transaction data for typical customers.

What sort of applications can I build with the OBP API?

Customer facing retail banking and fintech applications for consumers, SMEs, associations, charities, governments and NGOs; including (but not limited to!) Personal Finance Management (PFM) Solutions, online accounting integration, financial widgets, Savings Apps, Education Apps, Gamification, Peace of Mind Apps, Transparency Apps, Crowd funding, on boarding, CRM etc..

What data and services can I access?

  • Account information, balance and transaction history of multiple bank accounts
  • Enrich bank transactions with metadata (tags, comments, urls and geolocation) for example to link a receipt or video to a transaction
  • Create/Access different views on accounts. Each view grants a subset of the data to a restricted group of users. For example, a customer could offer special views on his account to his accountants, auditors or regulators. A charity might open their accounts to the public
  • Initiate payments
  • Access Customer messages
  • Access data related to branches, ATMs and financial products

API Endpoint:

API Explorer:

Use the OBP API Explorer to browse and test the API.

This OBP instance contains simulated test accounts for:

  • Bank X
  • Bank Y

Important Note to Developers:

In order to build and test your Apps, you will use two different logins:

    1. Your developer login to get your API keys (see Application registration below)
    1. One or more simulated customer logins to access transaction data etc. (See customer logins below)

To logout [go here] (

Application registration

Please register your application here. You will get a consumer key and consumer secret for the calls requiring OAuth authentication. You can also use the consumer key for "Direct Login"


To get started with OBP and OAuth we recommend you use (and fork) one of our Starter SDKs

Note: Many examples in the docs / SDKs use the general OBP sandbox domain. Make sure you use the correct domain in all calls i.e. !


Technical details about the OAuth flow are available here. However we recomend using an OAuth SDK or Direct Login [to start with] ( Please ask us (see below) if you are stuck with this.

API documentation

Customer logins

During the OAuth login, the user of your app will be asked for a customer username/password.

Here are some simulated customer logins to test your App / OAuth flow:

[{ "email":"", "password":"5232e7", "display_name":"Robert XUk X" },{ "email":"", "password":"43ca4d", "display_name":"Susan XUk X" },{ "email":"", "password":"d8c716", "display_name":"Anil XUk X" },{ "email":"", "password":"6187b9", "display_name":"Ellie XUk X" },{ "email":"", "password":"e5046a", "display_name":"Robert YUk Y" },{ "email":"", "password":"5b38a6", "display_name":"Susan YUk Y" },{ "email":"", "password":"dcf03d", "display_name":"Anil YUk Y" },{ "email":"", "password":"4f9eaa", "display_name":"Ellie YUk Y" }],

You can use the Sofi application to browse your transaction data (use the above username/password).

To get different logins just for your team please ask a member of the Open Bank Project team.

Questions / Contact?

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