Ulster Bank OBP API Sandbox

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This is a special page for the Ulster Bank OBP API sandbox instance created for the Hack Make the Bank hackathon in Dublin/Belfast.

Public Data

Some sandbox accounts have public views available. For example, here is a list of public accounts on the sandbox: https://ulsterbank.openbankproject.com/obp/v1.2.1/banks/ulster/accounts

And here is a list of transactions from a sandbox charity account: https://ulsterbank.openbankproject.com/obp/v1.2.1/banks/ulster/accounts/charity1/public/transactions

For hackathon purposes, here is an owner view that has been made public. https://ulsterbank.openbankproject.com/obp/v1.2.1/banks/ulster-ni/accounts/current8/owner/transactions

Here is a list of Ulster Bank Branches (open data) https://ulsterbank.openbankproject.com/obp/v1.4.0/banks/ulster/branches

For other API calls, see API Documentation below.

Application registration

If your App needs access to private data and services, you will need to register your application here. You will get a consumer key and consumer secret for the calls requiring OAuth authentication.


To get started with OBP and OAuth we recommend you use (and fork) one of our Starter SDKs

Important: Make sure you use the correct domain in all calls e.g. https://ulsterbank.openbankproject.com/oauth/authorize?oauth_token=NPcudxy0yU5T3tBzho7iCotZ3cnetKwcTIRlX0iwRl0

Many more details about the OAuth requirements: getting a request token, redirecting the user, getting an access token and accessing protected resources are available here.

API documentation

For the current stable API version see 1.2.1. The active draft version is 2.0.

We recomend using the API Explorer

Data access

During the authentication process, the user is redirected by the client application to login and grant access to the App. For the sandbox you can use the following credentials:

Here are some test users. More will be added before the hackathon.

email : patrick.1.7.1@example.com
password : 3281c4e5

email : elizabeth.1.7.1@example.com
password : bf38fa69

They both have accounts on the "bank" ub-test-1-1

Other credentials are available on request from the OBP team on site.

Social Finance Application

The sandbox data is also available through a web application called Social Finance here and the default user credentials are the same as above.

Note: Social Finance (Scala / Lift) is also open sourced on github.