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TPP Reference Applications


There are 2 core user needs:

  • As an ASPSP I want to test my endpoints (without exposing them to live applications) so that I can ensure that they work.
  • As a TPP (AISP or PISP) I want example code so that I can build my application(s) more quickly.


This release is an early preview of the TPP Reference Application so that developers can download and try out the code. In this version documentation is limited and OBIE cannot provide any support for this version of the application, however we will do our best to respond to any comments raised via the Open Banking Service Desk (

Application architecture

This application uses the architecture below to simulate a third party (TPP) application that can aggregate account balances for their customer and initiate a single immediate payment.

This is based on a classic architecture of Frontend, Backend, and (Mock) Server:

------------       -----------        -------------
- Frontend - <---> - Backend -  <---> - Mock APIs -
------------       -----------        -------------
                    |      |
                    /      \
            ===========  ===========
            = Session =  =  Data   =
            =  Store  =  =  Cache  =
            ===========  ===========

The application can also integrate (via the test instance of the Open Banking Directory) with any test ASPSP implementations which are enrolled.


This is a Single Page Application written in Vue.js.

It showcases workflows visible to an end user. Typically, the end user gives access to a third party (TPP) application to aggregate data on their behalf.

Setup and detailed info here,


This is a Node.js server that manages and brokers interactions with the Open Banking APIs (Read/Write ASPSP & OB Directory).

Typically, these include the necessary consent and security flows.

Note: This component can be used directly without the frontend to trial the Open Banking APIs. (WIN)

Setup and detailed info here:

Mock APIs

This is a Node.js server that simulates Open Banking APIs.

We simulate the Read ASPSP APIs using a published Swagger spec. And, we also simulate Open Banking Directory APIs for third parties who are NOT yet provisioned.

Setup and detailed info here:

Release plan (for AISP application)

Release Sprint Date Functionality
0.1.0 17 10 Oct Login to TPP app and select ASPSP from list, request accounts & balance data, view account balances
0.2.0 18 24 Oct Gets ASPSP list from test OB Directory, setup account request
0.3.0 19 07 Nov Authorise consent
0.4.0 20 21 Nov List ASPSPs TPP has registered with, call ref ASPSP authorisation server, data from Reference ASPSP
0.5.0 21 05 Dec Payment initiation API (for single immediate payments)
0.6.0 22 19 Dec Various fixes and enhancements as per release notes