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A decentralized marketplace
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Let's make trade free.

OpenBazaar is a decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace where goods and services are traded in Bitcoin. OpenBazaar uses a Kademlia-style distributed hash table (DHT), which is architecturally comparable to BitTorrent. Items are created and hosted on the nodes of users on the network. The project is originally based off of the proof of concept code for DarkMarket, created by Amir Taaki and Airbitz, and is now licensed under the MIT license.


You can financially support the project by either:

  1. A direct donation: 3MXYUBLWNETa5HTewZp1xMTt7AW9kbFNqs
  2. Tip4Commit:
    • Code committed to the project is rewarded with bitcoin: tip for next commit

Features (Notional)

  • Full market editor for management of items catalog
  • Order management system
  • Ricardian contracts
  • Multisignature escrow-based transactions
  • Notary and dispute resolution marketplace
  • Private messaging
  • Identity/Reputation system

Project Status

  • OpenBazaar is currently in Beta 5.0
  • New versions are scheduled for release at the end of each month
  • Development Roadmap

Build Instructions

For Linux and OSX users, run these commands:

git clone

cd OpenBazaar


After running the script you should have an OpenBazaar installation ready to go, to start run:

./openbazaar start

OpenBazaar will open in a random port on your default web browser. Note that it may take several minutes for OpenBazaar to completely start.

Read more on build instructions in our wiki.

Artwork Contributions

contributed by Jacob Payne

contributed by Dean Masley

Theory Work

  1. Ricardian Contracts by Dr Washington Sanchez
  2. P2P Lending on OpenBazaar by Dr Washington Sanchez
  3. Auctions on OpenBazaar by Dr Washington Sanchez
  4. Services on OpenBazaar by Dr Washington Sanchez
  5. The Issuance and P2P Transfer of Shares on OpenBazaar by Dr Washington Sanchez and Delain Markos
  6. Voting Pools in OpenBazaar by Dr Washington Sanchez
  7. Distributed Currency Exchange by Dr Washington Sanchez
  8. OpenBazaar Genesis Contract by Dr Washington Sanchez (arbiter), Brian Hoffman (buyer), and Samuel Patterson (seller)
  9. A pseudonymous trust system for a decentralized anonymous marketplace by Dionysis Zindros
  10. Dispute Resolution in OpenBazaar - Arbitration Market by Dr Washington Sanchez
  11. Notary Selection in OpenBazaar by Dr Washington Sanchez
  12. Risk and Insurance in OpenBazaar by Dr Washington Sanchez
  13. Subspace and OpenBazaar by Dr Washington Sanchez
  14. Bounded Futures Contracts: Hedging Against Price Volatility by Dr Joseph Clark and Dr Washington Sanchez


Here are some screenshots of the alpha UI so far:

Screen 1 Screen 2 Screen 3 Screen 4 Screen 5 Screen 6 Screen 7 Screen 8


OpenBazaar is licensed under the MIT license. See for more information.

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