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Full release for general use.

The following significant changes have been made in this release:

Functionality Changes

  • when your own page is NSFW, and your account is set to block NSFW content, your own page will no longer be blocked.
  • the minimum Bitcoin price has been reduced to 0.0002 from 0.002.
  • the buyer guid is shown in the summary tab of the case in the transaction page transaction modal.
  • transactions that have updates to thier status that need attention now have an indicator bar and are moved to the top of the transactions list.
  • if startup fails, data on the failure is recorded to the error log.

Behind the Scenes Changes

  • all modals have been updated to use the same code.
  • es-lint has been added to Travis, all PRs must meet the es-lint rules to be accepted


  • an issue with the international formatting of Bitcoin prices defaulting to 2 decimal places was fixed, now Bitcoin prices will always show 8 decimal places, with trailing zeroes truncated.
  • image scaling on the user page was fixed.
  • the bug that removed images from the about section on the user page was fixed.
  • multiple bugs were fixed in the transactions view. Sorting will work much better now.
  • default text on drop downs is now translatable.
  • more areas of the app that were not translatable, such as dates, are now translatable.
  • the columns have max-widths to prevent long single words from forcing them to be too wide.
  • when a product has worldwid shipping, the confusing international shipping text will no longer appear below it.
  • the dotted line around the user page now appears correctly and is sized right when customizing the user page.
  • fixed the notifactions badge sometimes showing a negative number.
  • the Libbitcoin not connected message text was changed to be more clear.
  • a bug where the wrong tab would load in Settings after saving was fixed.
  • the settings page no longer caches, to prevent stale data when changes are made from the user page.
  • the My Page link in the top right navigation always goes to the user's page now.
  • wallets are randomized, and CoinKite was removed
  • images in the about section will no longer be set to 100% wide. Images instead have a maximum width of 100%.

Special thanks to everyone that contributed to translations on Transifex (https://www.transifex.com/ob1/openbazaar).