@hoffmabc hoffmabc released this Oct 20, 2016 · 10 commits to master since this release

Full release for general use.

This release includes the changes made in the release, which have not been added to the installer.

The following significant changes have been made in this release:

Functionality Changes

  • various optimizations have been made to the following, follower, and store tabs in the User Page, and to the Discover view, which should speed up rendering and reduce the strain on the Chromium browser.
  • the Avatar in the Page tab of Settings can now be rotated with rotation buttons.
  • the first address in the Addresses tab of Settings is now marked as the Default Address.
  • addresses in the Addresses tab of Settings can now be reordered by dragging.
  • the last view is now saved per-node. This means if you connect the client to a different node, the last view saved for that node will be loaded, instead of trying to load the view the current node was on.
  • all listings now have a Pinned option. If a listing is Pinned, it will be displayed first in the Store tab of the user page. There is no limit to how many listings may be Pinned, all Pinned listings will be shown before un-Pinned listings.
  • all listings now have a Hidden option. If a listing is set to Hidden, it will not show up in your store when other users view your store page. You can still see it, though it will be faded out to indicate it is hidden. If a user enters the listing address directly, they can still view it. This allows for the creation of "private" listings that are only viewable by users with the address.
  • all listings now have a Max Quantity field. This limits the number of items that can be purchased in a single transaction. If the Max Quantity is left blank, it is considered to be 999,999 (the maximum the server allows). If the Max Quantity is set to zero, the item is still viewable, but cannot be purchased.
  • listings in the Store tab are now ordered by most recently saved.
  • when images are uploaded to listings, if the image has an orientation in its EXIF data (for example, if it was taken on a phone in landscape mode), the image will automatically be rotated to match the orientation.
  • addresses are now more flexible. Only the name and country are required, and a new contact method field has been added.
  • the appearance of very long addresses in the purchase flow has been improved.
  • the list of shippable countries in the address panel of the purchase modal has been removed, it was made obsolete by the Shipping tab in the listing page.
  • timezones have been completely removed. They were intended for functionality that turned out not to be needed, and weren't being used.
  • the minimum price for a listing was increased to 0.0005BTC, because listings priced at 0.0002BTC could not be purchased.
  • the "ships to" field in the edit listing screen now has a clear all button.
  • tags have a maximum length of 40 characters. Old longer tags are truncated at 90px wide.
  • listings have a "Ships From" field now, so each listing can have a different shipping origin. It defaults to the Country value set in Settings/General.
  • chat messages are never shown for blocked GUIDs.
  • the language for NSFW was updated to "Adult or Offensive Content" from "18+ (Adult Content)" since the definition of adult is not 18 in all countries, which caused confusion.
  • the buyer and seller avatar pictures now appear on the close dispute form for moderators.

Behind the Scenes Changes

  • the short_description attribute was removed from the itemShort model, it was not being used and does not exist in the server data.
  • the Location of the Profile API was always being set to the default value of USA, this has been removed. That parameter was depreciated and is no longer used.
  • the obsoleted messageModal code was removed


  • incoming data for listings and profiles is now sanitized, to prevent unwanted HTML from non-standard sources.
  • a bug where addresses starting with handles would be malformed when the app was reloaded has been fixed.
  • the bug where a fractional average review would add an extra star to reviews has been fixed.
  • the problem where looking at a nsfw store then navigating to your own store would fail to remove the warning modal from memory and show the nsfw store's items instead of your own has been fixed.
  • an edge case where the refresh payment status button in the transaction modal can become undefined has been fixed.
  • layout issues with very large numbers in the quantity field in the purchase modal have been fixed.
  • if a user has no shippable addresses, and adds one while purchasing something, the next button will now automatically be activated.
  • the bug where the custmization border would not be removed when navigating away from the user page while customizing it has been fixed.
  • an edge case was fixed where it was possible for the language to be set to an invalid value.
  • the transactions page had multiple fixes, to prevent edge cases where transactions wouldn't appear.
  • the bug were international shipping wasn't shown if it was zero is fixed.
  • the local shipping information is not shown if the listing doesn't ship to the country of origin (ie: it doesn't ship locally)
  • double sanitation has been removed from the chat.
  • the handle is set correctly now in the title bar when clicking on a link to go to a user page.
  • duplicate results in the Discover/Pages section are not shown.
  • the listings and profiles are fully sanitized, to prevent unwanted html tags.
  • a bug where the map would be hidden in the order process was fixed.

Thank you to Kirvx for fixing the "worldwideshipping" phrase on the item view.

Special thanks to everyone that contributed to translations on Transifex (https://www.transifex.com/ob1/openbazaar).