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Release Notes

This is a bug fix release, primarily focused on fixes to the server. Many fixes were made to the wallet and transactions, along with numerous code cleanup changes.

This release uses version 0.12.4 of the openbazaar-go server. You can view server changes at this link:


New Features

  • If you're connecting to a version of the server your client isn't intended to work with, you'll see a warning when starting your client. #1538
  • Stores can now be filtered by listing type. #1542


  • Most modals have a new look with different shaped buttons at the bottom. #1531
  • Listings now have a section at the bottom with more listings from that store. #1544
  • The loading modal for user pages has been improved. #1544
  • When looking at a user's home page, if they are on the Verified Moderators list, but are no longer a moderator, the verified moderator badge will not be shown. #1534
  • Mike Greenberg, Dr. Washington Sanchez, Daniel Zheng, Jiting Song, Austin Williams, Ashwin Mangale, Sameep Singhania, Jason Hotelling, and Monique Boediono were added to the contributors list in the About section. #1537
  • The "no results found" screen in search was improved, and has an option to reset the search parameters. #1547
  • The display of large numbers on the user page tabs will now be abbreviated. #1536
  • The number of listings in the store page is now internationalized. #1536


We are actively translating the text in the OpenBazaar reference client. If you are interested in volunteering as a translator, you can sign up at https://www.transifex.com/ob1/openbazaar

Special Thanks

A special thank you goes out to the many volunteers that provide translations, and to our testers that discovered important issues.