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cpacia commented Jan 25, 2017 edited
  • Make it work over the onion transport
  • Create command line options for --tor and --dualstack
  • Make external API calls (blockstack resolver, exchange rates, message-retriever when fetching https) go out over Tor
  • Make bitcoin wallet implementations use Tor

closes #99

cpacia added some commits Jan 25, 2017
@cpacia cpacia Tor first pass 08a77dc
@cpacia cpacia Update go-onion-transport
@cpacia cpacia Add Tor command line options
--tor will run exclusively over Tor, configuring the daemon as a hidden service

--dualstack will listen on both Tor and the clearnet. This mode is NOT private
but will allow a store to be accessed by clearnet nodes while still being able
to browse Tor-only nodes.

Both modes require Tor to be running.

I think we discussed this already, but what's the advantage of dual stack over no Tor at all?

cpacia added some commits Jan 25, 2017
@cpacia cpacia Make bitcoin exchange rate API calls use Tor
Grab the proxy dialer from the onion transport and use it for the exchange rate
http client. The client can be nil if not using Tor and it will use the default
@cpacia cpacia Make message retriever use Tor bbbb3f2
@cpacia cpacia Make blockstack client user Tor 6633132
@cpacia cpacia Make storage options use Tor 37e0eb9
@cpacia cpacia Make crosspost gateway calls use Tor 9416e88
@cpacia cpacia Rebase to master
cpacia commented Jan 25, 2017

@JustinDrake you can't communicate with stores running exclusively on Tor if you are only using the clearnet.

jbenet commented Jan 26, 2017 edited

This is awesome! ๐Ÿ‘ solid work

Reminder: let's audit {ipfs, OB, and this transport} before people rely on it to be fully secure.

cpacia added some commits Jan 26, 2017
@cpacia cpacia Make the spvwallet use Tor
@cpacia cpacia Make bitcoind use Tor
@cpacia cpacia added the needs review label Jan 26, 2017
@cpacia cpacia Add
@cpacia cpacia added the ready label Jan 26, 2017
cpacia added some commits Jan 27, 2017
@cpacia cpacia Fix bug connecting spvWallet to multiple peers when using Tor
The spvwallet normally prevents us from connecting to the same ip:post more
than once but this, of course, would prevent us from connecting to multiple
peers if we're using a proxy since they would all go to the same IP.

This commit disables the duplicate address check when using a proxy.
@cpacia cpacia Disable NAT service and metrics reporter when using Tor

in openbazaard.go you have a couple misspellings of the word available and have it as availble

cpacia added some commits Jan 30, 2017
@cpacia cpacia Fix typo
@cpacia cpacia Add tor config params to the config file
hoffmabc commented Feb 1, 2017

Hey @El--Presidente interested in reviewing this with us?

@cpacia cpacia Rebase

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@cpacia cpacia referenced this pull request Feb 8, 2017

Tor integration #99

@@ -77,13 +79,15 @@ func NewBitcoindWallet(mnemonic string, params *chaincfg.Params, repoPath string
masterPrivateKey: mPrivKey,
masterPublicKey: mPubKey,
binary: binary,
+ controlPort: torControlPort,
+ userTor: useTor,
gubatron Feb 9, 2017

userTor? typo here? (reads weird) if w.userTor.

cpacia Feb 12, 2017 Member

Good catch. That's a typo that it looks like the ide replaced everywhere. I'll fix.

@@ -92,13 +96,22 @@ func (w *BitcoindWallet) Start() {
if w.trustedPeer != "" {
args = append(args, "-connect="+w.trustedPeer)
+ if w.userTor {
+ var port int
+ if w.controlPort == 9151 {
gubatron Feb 9, 2017


if w.controlPort == 9151 || w.control == 9051 {
gubatron Feb 9, 2017

Q: what is the port number adjustment for?
Q2: is it ok to do this after what happens online 90
args := []string{"-walletnotify='" + path.Join(w.repoPath, "") + " %s'", "-server", "-torcontrol=" + strconv.Itoa(w.controlPort)}

cpacia Feb 12, 2017 Member

port is the socks port. I can make it more explicit.

@@ -473,7 +487,7 @@ func (w *BitcoindWallet) ReSyncBlockchain(fromHeight int32) {
w.rpcClient.RawRequest("stop", []json.RawMessage{})
time.Sleep(5 * time.Second)
- args := []string{"-walletnotify='" + path.Join(w.repoPath, "") + " %s'", "-server", "-rescan"}
+ args := []string{"-walletnotify='" + path.Join(w.repoPath, "") + " %s'", "-server", "-rescan", "-torcontrol=" + strconv.Itoa(w.controlPort)}
+ port = 9050
+ }
+ args = append(args, "-listen", "-proxy:"+strconv.Itoa(port), "-onlynet=onion")
+ }
@@ -89,11 +96,12 @@ func (b *BitcoinPriceFetcher) fetchCurrentRates() error {
type BitcoinAverage struct {
- cache map[string]float64
+ cache map[string]float64
+ client *http.Client
gubatron Feb 9, 2017 edited

by the name of the struct I think this is a wrong shortcut (unless BitcoinAverage is considered as a price fetcher, but it seems it's just a cache of those values.

this might be better as part of BitcoinPriceFetcher, and perhaps passed to fetch(client *http.Client) as a parameter.

tyler-smith Feb 9, 2017 Collaborator

The cache may be share-able as well, so there's only a BitcoinPriceFetcher type with a method for each data source.

cpacia Feb 10, 2017 Member

I can't look now, but I remember refactoring all this to make it easier to test.

cpacia Feb 12, 2017 Member

For the prices, I would like to standardize the API response there and have a list of price servers (maybe OB1, DUO) that all return the same thing rather than have to handle responses from multiple sources.

I think that's a much better approach than this.

gubatron commented Feb 9, 2017

by looking at the code patterns, this interface

type ExchangeRateProvider interface {
	fetch() error

could use being like this:

type ExchangeRateProvider interface {
        client() *http.Client
        fetchUrl() string
        decode(body io.ReadCloser) error
	fetch() error

the code on fetch() is identical, except for its return type, but since all the ExchangeRateProvider implement decode(body), fetch() could reuse a single generic implementation like this:

func (b *ExchangeRateProvider) fetch() (err error) {
	resp, err := b.client().Get(b.fetchUrl())
	if err != nil {
		return err
	return b.decode(resp.Body)

since I believe they're initialized as ExchangeRateProvider

func NewBitcoinPriceFetcher(dialer proxy.Dialer) *BitcoinPriceFetcher {
b.providers = []ExchangeRateProvider{&BitcoinAverage{b.cache, client}, &BitPay{b.cache, client}, &BlockchainInfo{b.cache, client}, &BitcoinCharts{b.cache, client}}

my guess is by doing that you don't have to implement fetch() so many times and avoid repetition. (warning: I'm not a go programmer, just curious)

@cpacia cpacia Fix typos in bitcoind package

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cpacia commented Feb 13, 2017

OK merging.

Angel we will take a look at refactoring that price fetcher and possibly create a standard API schema so it's not so cumbersome to handle multiple APIs.

Other than that we plan to pay someone to review this (and the IPFS code) and the broader code base for any privacy and security issues before we take the disclaimer off and let people go wild.

@cpacia cpacia merged commit 9fe5de0 into master Feb 13, 2017

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(reading over this code got me pumped about go again, if you won't work on that refactoring right away, as I bet you have a bunch more stuff to do, perhaps I'll be able to submit a PR before you get to it)

@cpacia cpacia deleted the tor branch Feb 14, 2017
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