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New features

Simplified drawing

An important work has been done on strokes to reduce their complexity and give more fluidity to drawing. The weight of new OpenBoard documents is indeed greatly reduced

Simplified access to the objects of the library

The detailed view has been deleted for apps, interactivities, images, sounds and videos. You can simply drag and drop these elements from the library tab. To set as background an image, it is now done via the image menu after it has been dropped to the page.

Size of the background grid

You can now adjust it in the background window, with the option of a lined background.
This new parameter can be set for each page of a document. A new page is set with the background settings of the current page. A new button on the background window resets the grid size to its default value. When OpenBoard starts, the size is initialized to represent approximately 1cm on the screen. Indeed, the size of the grid is preserved while importing a document on another computer. Geometry tools have been adjusted to fit this initialization.

Background grid tab on preferences

You can now choose the color of the grid and the its opacity on dark and light backgrounds. The grid opacity is ignored if the zoom is lower than ~0.7.

Thumbnails tab drag and drop

Thumbnails can be reordered using the pen/mouse, by drag and drop. The "move up page" and "move down page" icons have been retired. The "remove page" and "duplicate page" icons' size was increased by a factor of 2.

Podcast module on Linux (screen recording)

The screen recording is finally available on Linux. ffmpeg is used for video encoding, with the MP4 format (h264/AAC).

Pen tool circle preview

Above a certain size (set in preferences), a circle preview appears.

Software update option

A new parameter in the configuration file allows to hide the "check for software update" option in the OpenBoard menu.

Planète-Sankore widgets

Because planete-sankore.org is down, the research applications (image, audio, video and flash medias) had to be deleted.

Clock Widget

The Clock widget used in Open-Sankore has been added to the library.

Bug fixes

  • The state of the zoom was persisted on each page, but not the state of the position of the view. Now both are.
  • The "visible on extended screen" property was not correctly persisted.
  • Several corrections have been added to improve their behavior on object groups.
  • Text box : resizing, using the left handle, was causing unexpected text box moving
  • Text box : you could lose the cursor by dragging an image or a shape on a text box.
  • Text box : OpenBoard could crash, while trying to select a text box by its border with the text tool selected.
  • OpenBoard could crash when erasing part of a stroke, drawn with the compass, and the center cross, simultaneously.
  • You could lose data if you had only one document on the main directory.

Known Issues

Podcast module on Linux

  • the module's performance depends on its configuration, so please don't use too high resolutions on slow devices,
  • last images of a record can not be added to the video,
  • recording is slow on desktop mode.

Podcast module on Mac

  • audio sometimes loops,
  • audio and video can be unsynchronized if the user stops his annotations.

Internal web navigator

Many errors, mainly on secured sites (https). The internal web navigator may be removed on a future release of OpenBoard.

Data loss

Most issues concerning data loss have been resolved. However, in some cases (network context, slow computers), some features related to the data saving may not behave as expected. For example, it is possible for the duplication of a page to be done before the save of the duplicated page by the thread which has to perform this save. If so, you have to delete the new page and retry the duplication on the original page.