@kaamui kaamui released this Dec 13, 2018

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Version 1.5.1

Bug fixes

  • The choice of the background was not maintained between the pages of the documents or when leaving the software.
  • Copying a page from one document to another located in a different folder also moved the document.
  • The dmg file for macOS did not open on some versions of macOS.

Known issues

  • This redesign of the Documents mode was a complex development and several small cosmetic bugs may still remain, including focus issues
  • Folders in the trash of your OpenBoard 1.4 installation are renamed _Trash:folder_name in the 1.5 version and are found in My Documents. They can be put in the Trash.
  • Some slow motion can be experienced in MacOS while using drag and drop in the new document tree structure.
  • The new document created automatically when OpenBoard opens, if not used, is not deleted from OpenBoard if another document has been edited.