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Generates a stylised HTML site from an ePub book
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Generates a stylised HTML site from an ePub book

docker run --rm \
  -v /path/to/local.epub:/ebook_automation/epub_file.epub \
  -v /path/to/local.json:/ebook_automation/epub_file.json \
  -v /path/to/output:/ebook_automation/output \

Alternatively you may clone the repo, build the image using docker build . -t some/tag and run the command above replacing openbookpublishers/epublius with some/tag.


./ -p prefix -s suffix -f 02_title.html -t 06_toc.html -b -d ../epub/OEBPS/ -o ../epub/new/ -h header_add

Alternatively, one can use to discover the values of parameters to be given to

./ -p prefix -s suffix -h header_add -b -f 9781906924737_Oral_Literature_in_Africa.epub -o test


Parameter Description
-p File containing prefix
-s File containing suffix
-b URL of book's page
-t TOC file
-f Frontpage file
-d Directory prefix (of content, not prefix/suffix)
-o Target directory
-h File containing HTML to inject into header
-n Title name
-c A colophon file (e.g., the license). There may be multiple -c parameters
-r How much to resize the images (as percentage; default is 50).
-i Index file to use
-u URL path of this book
-k Copyright file
-a Donation link
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