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DualBot Information 📖 ReadMe

        DualBot is our Marlin based, open-source, RepRap 3D Printer featuring IDEX, Independent Dual Extruders. This is our iteration of RepRap 3D printers and it replicates 3D printers 50% faster than any other RepRaps before it, due to it's ability to duplicate prints, producing a copy of the printed part without increasing print time.
        This significantly cuts down turnaround time during prototyping production which often requires multiple copies of the same part produced with either the same or different material.

Advantages 👍 of IDEX;

         1. Seperate X-carriage allows the inactive extruder to be parked outside of the print platform. While parked, the inactive extruder is capped, eliminating the need for cool down and heat up during extruder change. This significantly reduces the print time when compared to systems that have both extruders together on a single carriage.
         2. Reduction in waste material by eliminating the need for a priming tower, which is required when printing with a single extruder with material mixing capabilities.
         3. The independent extruder reduces the weight on the X-carriage, this reduces backlash when increasing print speeds.

Expandable Size & Minimal Upgrades

        DualBot is paired with a set of tested and proven ✔️ E3D-V6 hot-ends. This is the first and most common upgrade in a majority of 3D printers.
        DualBot's build platform features a Cast Aluminium base, silicon heater, PEI surface, build platform of 295mm(L)x195mm(B)x255mm(H). There is no more need for blue tape or hairsprays.
        Build platform and silicon heater may be increased to 295mm(L)x295mm(B), together with a 24V Power Supply upgrade to efficiently handle power requirements.
        Adding on a Raspberry Pi or any equivalent SoC will allow DualBot to function as a stand-alone printer. A SoC is also able to provide WebCam support, allowing remote print monitoring. This would eliminate the need to tether a laptop or desktop while excuting a print job.
        Maximium build height can be indefinitely increased by switching out the Z-axis leadscrews and accompanying supports.

4 Print Modes

         1.)Single Extruder Mode: Print with primary extruder(left by default).

         2.)Dual Extruder Mode; Print with two different coloured filaments to achieve two colours on a single model or
                                               Print with speciality materials combination, eg; PLA main with Conductive PLAor
                                               Print with a soluble support material. IE; PLA-main, PVA-support or ABS-main, HIPS-support

         3.)Duplication Mode: Secondary(right) extruder will print a direct copy of the primary(left) extruder simultaneously.
                                           Reduces total print time by 50% when printing multiple copies.
                                           Build platform dimensions for Duplication Mode; 145mm(L)x195mm(B)x255mm(H).

         4.)Mirror Mode: Secondary extruder will print a mirrored copy of the primary extruder simultaneously.
                                   Reduces print time by 50% when prototyping molds, left-right parts such as shoes, gloves, etc...
                                   Build platform dimensions for Mirror Mode; 115mm(L)x195mm(B)x255mm(H).

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