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- syslinux revision number (boot prompt) is no longer updated (depends on build date)
+ modify rootfs content in postprocess script ?
- Add some script to easily generate patches from current build tree
- Create a "geexbox-config.opk" package at builds end.
+ Must contain only configuration files for /etc
+ Must contain user custom settings
+ Generated by build script or generator
+ Must be no-arch
+ Can't be updated by opkg update, as not part of any repository
+ All packages init scripts are just expected to read their config from
the /etc/user_defaults/* files contained within and adapt their init script
based on that
- Add a store/repository for "opkg update/install" for releases.
- NextGen branch:
+ lirc in-kernel/evdev
- review module names for all lirc configs
+ systemd instead of upstart
- proper aufs umount on shutdown
( with an Ordinary Filesystem)
- this may require hacking src/umount.c in systemd to detect aufs and act
accordingly (but before that try with a simple script remounting,ro
everything just before shutdown)
- after merge:
+ lirc in-kernel/evdev
- investigate lirc modules autoload via udev
+ systemd instead of upstart
- write documentation ( can help)
- write systemd units for the few remaining packages
- write unit for lvm bringup (before it was in linuxrc)
- add selection in Kconfig
- implement console setup: either
- adapt systemd-vconsole (disabled for now) for busybox loadkmap
- package kbd ( and use that
instead of busybox loadkmap/setfont
- port kbd loadkeys to busybox
- port some util-linux-ng extensions to busybox
- fsck -l
- make sure that fsck actually works while at it
- agetty -s
+ multiuser
- add default root password setting in Kconfig
- implement a way for packages to add users/groups (one solution could be
password.d and groups.d in package dir, like we do for tmpfiles.d)
- install package files with proper user/group and permissions
- run as much as possible as non-root like other distros do
+ network daemons
- add Kconfig settings for default credentials and access restrictions
- kill old settings in /etc/network and only enable by default the daemons
actually enabled in Kconfig
- start samba & co only when the network is online
+ then switch to app level again