Embedded Linux Framework
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Embedded Linux Framework

What is it ? 
OpenBricks is an enterprise-grade embedded Linux framework that provides easy creation of custom distributions for industrial embedded devices.
It features a complete embedded development kit for rapid deployment on x86, ARM, PowerPC and MIPS systems with support for industry leaders.
Pick your device, select your software bricks and cook your product !

Who is it for ? 
Individuals and companies that look for rapid board bring-up with fine-grain embedded Linux distribution setup with complete customization.
Ever had to care about BSP and toolchain ? That’s now long gone history. If time to market means for you, OpenBricks will save your day.

Which hardware is supported ? 
OpenBricks supports a broad range of embedded partners (including but not limited to Intel, TI, nVidia, Freescale, Broadcom and Marvell)
and SoC, from low-end MIPS to high-end ARM Cortex-A9 MP through Intel ATOM. Whether you’re designing a smartphone, a SetTopBox, a NAS or
a router, OpenBricks can optimize your code for multi-cores SMP, multi-threaded SMT, hardware cryptographic accelerators, 
various DSPs and SIMD extensions.

What does the software offer ? 
OpenBricks reduces development efforts by abstracting the low-level interface to your device. 
It supports all Khronos industry standards (OpenGL|ES, OpenVG, OpenMAX …) and major applicative frameworks (Qt, GTK+, EFL, SDL) 
for you to only focus on your end-user application.

Who’s using it ? 
OpenBricks is an OpenSource framework. It’s the masterpiece framework behind your next design product. 
Anyone can use it and contribute to it, individuals as well as professionals. 
OpenBricks currently sustains the GeeXboX project.