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Budget Key Project


הי כולם!

ברוכים הבאים לגיטהאב של מפתח התקציב.

נעבור לאנגלית עכשיו

BudgetKey Contributor Quickstart

The main channel for discussing issues with the community or with Adam (DM @akariv) is either Slack or Gitter (

A few links:

  • The starting point on GitHub is OpenBudget/BudgetKey. Here you can find a quick README, links to our 'ready to work on' issues, and some tutorials. In short, we have to main kinds of tasks:

    • Data Wrangling (i.e. getting new data sources into our DB)
    • Frontend Development (we have an Angular frontend that always needs some TLC)

    See the project's board here

    You can find more info in the rest of this README VVVV

  • The pipelines dashboard is at - you can see the status of your favorite pipeline there :)

  • Access to all of our data is free and easy:

Enjoy and don't hesitate to ping me directly or in the channel!

Adam (@akariv)

What is this about?

The Budget Key project aims at being the most up to date and comprehensive non-governmental database of Israeli fiscal data.

It has user-facing website (currently available at, using multiple API servers which are running of meticulously collected data from various sources, manually improved and cleaned.

The data can also be queried using a relational query interface, available at (use any Google account to log in after clicking 'Login with Google').

Where to start?

  • Find an interesting task to start with
  • Read a little about our workflow
  • See the HowTos below to understand our development environment.
  • Read the documentation, if you need to dive deep in existing code



This is the main repository, where documentation should come.

Issues and pull requests should be made on the individual repositories:


Opening the Israeli Budget!






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