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v1.0.176: Test Fix Linux Application Icons Size
v1.0.175: Fixed Accidental keybindings on some more Input fields, improved ERROR and ALARM dialogs
v1.0.174: Added Inch/MM mode to Mobile Jog
v1.0.173: Added support (beta) for G2/3 to the Simulator
v1.0.172: Fix spelling error (US vs UK English)
v1.0.171: Fix Keyboard-Jog Default Assignment bug
v1.0.170: MacOS: Fixes: Top Menu, Copy/Paste, Label for Port Name (remove /dev/tty to keep smaller)
v1.0.169: Added Estimated Time to Serial Log on GCODE Load.
v1.0.168: Improved Grbl Flashing Tool and Moved to "Wizards and Tools", Improved Inch Mode 3D viewer, fix bug in Continious Jog
v1.0.167: Improved Memory management for 3D Viewer, Added Inch Mode (Issue#59), Moved Steps/mm Calibration Tools to "Wizards and Tools" menu,
v1.0.166: Fix for ElectronSecondInstance Behaviour and Updated SSL Certificates
v1.0.165: Surfacing Wizard
v1.0.164: Fix for odd JS bug that affected users in v1.0.161 and 10.0.162
v1.0.163: Move Switch for Incr/Conti Jog, Improvements to GCODE Editor and 3D view
v1.0.162: Improved .OBC (OpenBuilds CAM) Handling
v1.0.161: Associate .OBC (OpenBuilds CAM files)
v1.0.160: Update MiniMill Grbl-defaults Profile to match New Video
v1.0.159: Added Feedrate/Spindle Override Reset Buttons
v1.0.158: Improvements to the Mobile Jog UI
v1.0.157: Fix Bug#66 -Grbl settings invert display: , Fix Bug#68 - Machine Image for Custom, Fix Bug#69 - Keyboard: disable bindings in Macro Inputs, Improvement: Keyboard Binding for UNLOCK will also close Alarm Dialog now.
v1.0.156: Added Job Time Remaining functionality
v1.0.155: Added Continuous Jog Functionality (Enable from the Keyboard Shortcuts icon on the top toolbar) (BETA)
v1.0.154: added Keyboard Shortcuts Frontend
v1.0.153: Improved UI behavior on unplug all devices, added Keyboard Shortcuts Backend
v1.0.152: Updated backend to node-serialPort 7.1.3, Updated Backend to Electron 4.0.5.
v1.0.151: Macros: Added customizable tooltip, Macros: Edit button hover color, Fix UI for USB Unplug while connected.
v1.0.150: Improvements to the Feedrate Override and Tool/Spindle/Laser Override Sliders
v1.0.149: Fixed Bugs in Multiline Macros
v1.0.148: Multi-line Macros, Grbl Flashing tool: BlackBox added, Switch to Serial Console on-connect to help ease troubleshooting.
v1.0.147: Updated lodash Dependancy, update AVRgirl Dependency, added Xpro support to the Grbl Flashing tools
v1.0.146: Custom Machine profile, Tooltips for Grbl Settings, Alarm Unlock on Alarm Modal, Added Link to Forum on Troubleshooting tab, minor Cosmetics to 3D Viewer, Probe Macros/Console: Only show dialog when probed from Wizard, normal macro/console probes only log to Serial Console now
v1.0.145: Updated SSL Certificates
v1.0.144: Fixed bug related to Connection
v1.0.143: Improved stability when XPRO Driverminder is active, and removed extraneous Popup notifications (got annoying on Win10 due to the Notification Center involvement)
v1.0.142: Fix Bug related to status parser
v1.0.141: Fix Bug that prevented Jog, fixed bug that disabled homing for Smoothie
v1.0.140: Fix Jog/Checksize to still move in mm after G20
v1.0.138: Changed size of MiniMill overlay, made 3D viewer the default tab
v1.0.137: Added Confirmation Dialogs to the Grbl Settings reset buttons
v1.0.136: Added Door and Buttons to Troubleshooting, Added G28/G30 handling, Added Custom machine profile, added Machine Overlay in 3D viewer, added Goto OpenBuilds Button
v1.0.135: Handle XPROv4 DriverMinder/Grbl-feedhold-resume-abort buttons, add G20/G91 to GOTOZERO moves
v1.0.134: Added mPOS gotozero, and wPOS GotoZero via mPos Z0
v1.0.133: Fixed MacOS errors, Improved Icons
v1.0.131: Added Changelog section to Troubleshooting
v1.0.130: Fixed MacOS Quit Behaviour
v1.0.129: Enhanced Grbl Settings panel, added Laser specific hello-world
v1.0.127: Added Steps-per-mm Fine Tuning tool
v1.0.124: Added Z0 Probing
v1.0.122: Added Grbl Firmware Flashing utility
v1.0.119: Improved Tool-On and Tool-Off buttons
v1.0.117: Added Macros panel
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