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v1.0.319/320/321: Fix F5 Memory leak bug (public beta), Cleanup old unused libraries from source tree to decrease installer download time and installed disk usage
v1.0.318: Improvements to Grbl Settings tab (cosmetics and functionality), Improved clearAlarm and Stop backend functionality, Removed Fabber and Carveco adbuttons from main toolbar, Added STL loader for issue #26, Cosmetic improvements and updated graphics for Probe Wizard, Fixed consistent button alignment of modal popups, added Cancel button to Servo calibration wizard, decoupled Probe Jog widget for re-use in other macros, Added Popup warning if job file contains G53 moves but machine has not been homed, Improved Machine Profiles
v1.0.317: Fix Probe dialog bug introduced in 1.0.316. Please update to 1.0.317 to resolve
v1.0.316: More work on issue #241 - up for testing
v1.0.315: Updated drivelist backend dependency, updated Build process to use correct Windows/VS image
v1.0.314: Updated SSL Certificates, #240 Increased modal data availability for custom macros, Fixed dialog window close bug #228, Fixed alarm dialog bug #241, Fixed Z-index bug #229
v1.0.313: Added scrollbars to Macro Editor to cater for smaller screens
v1.0.312: Updated SSL Certificates
v1.0.311: Fix cosmetics Bug
v1.0.310: Updated startup message, Updated SSL certificates
v1.0.309: Fixed WCS report injection bug
v1.0.308: WCS Display
v1.0.307: Updated included firmware.bin for Interface update wizard
v1.0.306: Allow probing in other Coordinate systems as well
v1.0.305: Update SSL Certificates for OpenBuildsCAM integration
v1.0.304: Inch mode DRO edit use 3 Decimal places as per #216, Updated SSL Certificates
v1.0.303: Updated Interface Probe Macros
v1.0.302: Pi Install Script updated to support 2021-03-04-raspios-buster-armhf
v1.0.301: Bugfix: DRO Set position for Y/Z (Bug #211), Bugfix: Cleanup lastJobStartTime on cancel (Issue #210), Fixed Door generates feedhold message (Bug #191)
v1.0.299/300: Updated GitHubActions to only build on tagged releases, Updated Authenticode Certificates, Updated SSL Certificates, Fixed layout of Job Log window, Fixed Mobile Jog Widget bug, Added Jog Rate slider to Mobile Jog, Changed statusbar timer to show DONE:time when job is complete
v1.0.298: Added Keyboard shortcuts for in/decrease Jog Speed
v1.0.297: Changed package.json for GitHub Actions / Electron Updater bug
v1.0.296: Job Time fix, Added Job Log, Removed Job Complete dialog
v1.0.295: Added Python ESPtool for Mac/Linux Interface Firmware flasher (Install Python, Pip and PySerial first), Fix for Bug #202: DRO Shift+Enter after G20 gcode, Added support for NumpadEnter on DRO, Enhanced Grbl Settings - Limits installed, Switch from Jog Feedrate Input to Jog Percentage Slider, Increase size of 3D viewer, 3D viewer grid now changes with mm-mode and inch-mode tabs
v1.0.294: MacOS Big Sur support (Signed and Notarized)
v1.0.293: Enhanced detected of Auto Updates, Fixed the "Visit OpenBuilds" link button
v1.0.292: Fix for Startup Macros, Added Maximize button, Added ability to set Work Coordinates from DRO (Shift+Enter after entering value on DRO), Darkened Serial Log font colors to improve readability, Larger jog buttons, Cosmetic tweaks
v1.0.291: Added Carveco and Fabber links, Added duplicate Key checking for Keyboard Shortcuts, Fix for NaN time errors in JobComplete Dialogs, Updated Pi install script, Fix for Jog increments Keyboard shortcuts
v1.0.290: Windows x32/x64 version
v1.0.289: Fixed Jog Increments Keyboard Shortcuts
v1.0.286/7/8: Moved CI to GHActions
v1.0.285: MacOS ESPtool Support (Beta)
v1.0.284: Fixed bug related to Door that was affecting Probing
v1.0.283: Fixed realtime feedrate indicator, improved Door handling
v1.0.282: Improved logging messages for Interface Firmware flashing tool, Fixed bug with non-standard Grbl Firmwares that have Variable Speed disabled
v1.0.281: Added "Restore Backup" button for Grbl Settings, Fixed jog increment for mm after switching between in/mm
v1.0.280: Socket.IO Bug fixed
v1.0.279: Autorun macros: added error toast to keyboard shortcut, Fixed CSS on Serial Console tab
v1.0.278: Fixed bug #179 (Electron upload path for Interface Firmware)
v1.0.277: Fixed Y Calibrations Wizard Y+ button, Updated SSL Certificates, Fixed comments in Surfacing Wizard Gcode, Display output of "?" in log if sent via sendGcode, added 0.001" Incremental Jog , added Realtime feedrate Indicator to Feed Override slider, Support for JS Macros on startup, Updated Socket.IO
v1.0.276: Focus on OK button on JobComplete dialog, Updated Door handling for UI, Updated DOOR messages in footer
v1.0.275: Fixed /upload page for large files
v1.0.274: Interface Firmware v1.43
v1.0.273: Cleanup of old resources
v1.0.272: New 3D viewer: Arc Support
v1.0.271: New 3D viewer: More lightweight, supports larger files, Render Progress percentage, antialiased graphics, opacity, etc; Prevent large files from loading to Gcode Editor, new RunJob method for large files
v1.0.270: Updated LEAD1515 Profile: Max Travel, Updated Interface Files
v1.0.269: Added Machine profiles to Interface USB Drive Wizard, renamed menu entry for Keyboard shortcuts editor
v1.0.268: Fixed cosmetic layout css issue
v1.0.267: Fixed probe complete dialog, added 1% laser focus power, restore incremental if it was set prior to probe, added 3rd decimal for Inch mode DRO / padding to 2 decimals for mm mode, added Machine Coordinates to DRO tooltip, Handle M0 Pauses (Carbide etc)
v1.0.266: Updated "error 9" dialog to also include details of earlier ALARMs for troubleshooting, Fixed CheckSize bug with Lightburn Relative Coordinates
v1.0.265: Added error handling for Grbl connection failures via Interface, Updated Logging UI, Fixed Keyboard Jog bug
v1.0.264: Interface Serial Integration, Splash Screen Updates, Improved Continuous Jogging, Fixed runaway jogging bug
v1.0.263: Job complete running time Dialog, sample macros
v1.0.262: Fixed runaway Jogging bug, Improved Continuous Jogging calculations, Fixed Soft Limits jogging bugs
v1.0.259-261: added Supporting tools for OpenBuilds Interface
v1.0.258: Removed placeholders from Surfacing Wizard form
v1.0.257: Maintenance: Updated SSL Certs for OB CAM integration, Updated to latest build of Font Awesome, New Features: Added keyboard shortcuts for Feed/Speed Overrides #156, Save jog feedrate between sessions #158, Sync error/alarm close event between multiple windows #136, Updated calibration Wizard to support larger moves #154
v1.0.256: Enhanced Continuous Jog to prevent runaway - should fix #73
v1.0.255: Fixed a cosmetic typo in Probe wizard, test of Soft Limits calculation Changes
v1.0.254: Continous Jog - Soft Limit calculation method update
v1.0.253: Fix 3D Viewer Bug with Fusion outputs #157
v1.0.252: Fix for hold:0 status on jog with soft-limits
v1.0.251: Updated LEAD1515 Profile, Improved Stop button, Fixed Custom Z Plate thickness Bug
v1.0.250: Fix for statusLoop on reconnect
v1.0.249: Fixed bug related to $32 in machine profiles, Updated LEAD1515 Profile
v1.0.247/8: Added LEAD1515 Profile
v1.0.246: Made AutoProbe the default for button on Main Toolbar, cleaned up codebase, minor changes to autoprobe sequence
v1.0.245: Updates for Pi4 Buster support
v1.0.244: Fix for Custom XYZ Probe Values bug #144, Remove Install Drivers button (users misunderstood)
v1.0.243: Fix cosmetic bug: Scrollbar on Probe Dialog
v1.0.242: Update CI to NodeJS-12
v1.0.241: Updated Dependencies
v1.0.240: Updated Certicates
v1.0.239: Add support for VFD/PWM spindles to Tool On menu, Fixed bug in Surfacing Wizard Issue #139
v1.0.238: Added Automatic Probing (Find Endmill diameter automatically), Fix cosmetic bug in editing JS Macros. Fixed issues/enhancements #92, #108, #127, #128, #129, #130, #131, #132, #134, #135
v1.0.236/7: Fixed Pause bug
v1.0.235: Improved Serial Buffer check
v1.0.234: Added check for USB Selective Suspend to Troubleshooting tab, improved simulation of arcs, Fixed right-click menu in Gcode Editor
v1.0.233: Cleanup code
v1.0.232: Fix bug in Keyboard Jog
v1.0.231: Fix bug in Keyboard Shortcut editor
v1.0.230: Updated Macros Editor with support for JS macros, new Icon selector, etc
v1.0.229: XYZ Probe Routine: Change Z level from absolute to relative, Enable homing button in Alarms state (to allow homing if alarm = position lost), added Backup Grbl Settings button
v1.0.228: Fixed bug related to Continous Jogging with Soft Limits via the Mobile Jog Widget
v1.0.227: Fixed behavior of Jog Buttons on TouchScreens
v1.0.224-226 Minor Bugfixes (keyboard shortcuts, macros related), Updated Mobile Jog to include Continuous Jogging
v1.0.223: Added keyboard shortcuts to Macros, updated look of buttons to include showing keyboard assignment
v1.0.222: Added Keyboard shortcuts for GotoZero, and switching between Incremental/Continuous jogging
v1.0.221: Corrected product names for XYZ Probe Plus
v1.0.220: New XYZ and Custom Probe wizards, new Probe Button on Main toolbar, fixed File association Opening (Bug #119 ), added loaded Filename to titlebar (Issue #116), changed Keybinding for Devtools to ctrl+shift+i, added shortcut key F6 to jump to console (Issue #112)
v1.0.216-219: Internal Testing versions only
v1.0.215: Fixed bug with Z Plate retract where plate is thicker than 10mm
v1.0.214: Fixed bug with Z-Zero plate probing routine, added Z Plate thickness setting back
v1.0.213: Updated Authenticode Signing certificate
v1.0.212: Major updates to dependency versions (SerialPort8, Electron 8)
v1.0.211: Mobile Jog: added space between jog rose and step size, Update mobile to new Probe wizards, Updates to Mobile Jog Page, Updated SSL Certificates, fixed bug #114 (Tooltip incorrect)
v1.0.210: Focussed on close button of alarm/error dialogs to ease closing, added Driver Install button for beginners, beta probing wizards (internal testing only)
v1.0.209: Added Node-Debugger to help check not-responding issue, disabled console.log debugging in server process
v1.0.208: Removed accidental S-Word from coolant menu commands
v1.0.207: Added LEAD1010 Laser Profile, fix bug #107 (Disable CheckSize button on PCs that doesn't support WebGL), fix bug with inch-mode Check Size
v1.0.206: Fixed update check to comply with Github deprecations:
v1.0.205: Updated version of avrgirl backend for Firmware flashing, fixes to CI
v1.0.204: Soft-Limits support in Keyboard Continuous Jogging
v1.0.203: Fixed bug where update popup appears during continuous Jog, now it waits
v1.0.202: Soft-Limits support in Continuous Jogging
v1.0.201: Updated SSL Certificates
v1.0.200: Fixed naming of Abort Button
v1.0.199: Improvd handling of Helican G2/G3 preview
v1.0.198: Fixed bug in Mobile Jog
v1.0.197: Renewed SSL Certificates
v1.0.196: Added menu to troubleshooting tab to selectively disable frontend features for debugging
v1.0.195: Fixed bug related to default state of 3D viewer
v1.0.194: Added option to disable 3D Viewer for slow machines
v1.0.193: Improved 3D viewer loading speed
v1.0.192: Fixed C-Beam Machine profile for new BlackBox wiring video
v1.0.191: Changed wording of Update window
v1.0.190: Fixed Sphinx55 and Sphinx1050 profile for new BlackBox wiring video
v1.0.189: Fixed Workbee1010 and Workbee1050 profile for new BlackBox wiring video
v1.0.188: Improved 3D Viewer for Inch mode files
v1.0.187: Fixed Workbee1510 profile for new BlackBox wiring video
v1.0.186: Fixes for 3D viewer in Inch mode
v1.0.185: Changed wording on Firmware Detection to avoid confusion
v1.0.184: Improved unhandled exceptions to hide unimportant errors from users
v1.0.183: Removed LEAD55 and fixed capitalization of LEAD1010, testing Probing with forced G21 before probe
v1.0.182: Updated SSL Certificates, Hide Pen Buttons until an instance of Grbl-Servo is detected
v1.0.181: Fixed bug #88 re Incremental/Continous jog focus, Revamped Grbl Predefined Profiles to use submenus and added Pen options, Integrated Servo Pen Up/Down.
v1.0.180: Fixed bug #87: Don't show Update dialog while running job, Updated connection messages when Smoothieware is detected to alert user to replace it with Grbl-LPC, Increased spacing between buttons in Mobile interface (bug #90), Added Framing pass to Surfacing Wizard (Bug #83), updated 2x Dependencies
v1.0.179: New 3D Viewer backend: Support G2/G3 Arcs
v1.0.178: New 3D Viewer backend with support for Large Gcode Files, massively faster rendering
v1.0.176/7: Rpi Unofficial Support
v1.0.175: Fixed Accidental keybindings on some more Input fields, improved ERROR and ALARM dialogs
v1.0.174: Added Inch/MM mode to Mobile Jog
v1.0.173: Added support (beta) for G2/3 to the Simulator
v1.0.172: Fix spelling error (US vs UK English)
v1.0.171: Fix Keyboard-Jog Default Assignment bug
v1.0.170: MacOS: Fixes: Top Menu, Copy/Paste, Label for Port Name (remove /dev/tty to keep smaller)
v1.0.169: Added Estimated Time to Serial Log on GCODE Load.
v1.0.168: Improved Grbl Flashing Tool and Moved to "Wizards and Tools", Improved Inch Mode 3D viewer, fix bug in Continious Jog
v1.0.167: Improved Memory management for 3D Viewer, Added Inch Mode (Issue#59), Moved Steps/mm Calibration Tools to "Wizards and Tools" menu,
v1.0.166: Fix for ElectronSecondInstance Behaviour and Updated SSL Certificates
v1.0.165: Surfacing Wizard
v1.0.164: Fix for odd JS bug that affected users in v1.0.161 and 10.0.162
v1.0.163: Move Switch for Incr/Conti Jog, Improvements to GCODE Editor and 3D view
v1.0.162: Improved .OBC (OpenBuilds CAM) Handling
v1.0.161: Associate .OBC (OpenBuilds CAM files)
v1.0.160: Update MiniMill Grbl-defaults Profile to match New Video
v1.0.159: Added Feedrate/Spindle Override Reset Buttons
v1.0.158: Improvements to the Mobile Jog UI
v1.0.157: Fix Bug#66 -Grbl settings invert display: , Fix Bug#68 - Machine Image for Custom, Fix Bug#69 - Keyboard: disable bindings in Macro Inputs, Improvement: Keyboard Binding for UNLOCK will also close Alarm Dialog now.
v1.0.156: Added Job Time Remaining functionality
v1.0.155: Added Continuous Jog Functionality (Enable from the Keyboard Shortcuts icon on the top toolbar) (BETA)
v1.0.154: added Keyboard Shortcuts Frontend
v1.0.153: Improved UI behavior on unplug all devices, added Keyboard Shortcuts Backend
v1.0.152: Updated backend to node-serialPort 7.1.3, Updated Backend to Electron 4.0.5.
v1.0.151: Macros: Added customizable tooltip, Macros: Edit button hover color, Fix UI for USB Unplug while connected.
v1.0.150: Improvements to the Feedrate Override and Tool/Spindle/Laser Override Sliders
v1.0.149: Fixed Bugs in Multiline Macros
v1.0.148: Multi-line Macros, Grbl Flashing tool: BlackBox added, Switch to Serial Console on-connect to help ease troubleshooting.
v1.0.147: Updated lodash Dependancy, update AVRgirl Dependency, added Xpro support to the Grbl Flashing tools
v1.0.146: Custom Machine profile, Tooltips for Grbl Settings, Alarm Unlock on Alarm Modal, Added Link to Forum on Troubleshooting tab, minor Cosmetics to 3D Viewer, Probe Macros/Console: Only show dialog when probed from Wizard, normal macro/console probes only log to Serial Console now
v1.0.145: Updated SSL Certificates
v1.0.144: Fixed bug related to Connection
v1.0.143: Improved stability when XPRO Driverminder is active, and removed extraneous Popup notifications (got annoying on Win10 due to the Notification Center involvement)
v1.0.142: Fix Bug related to status parser
v1.0.141: Fix Bug that prevented Jog, fixed bug that disabled homing for Smoothie
v1.0.140: Fix Jog/Checksize to still move in mm after G20
v1.0.138: Changed size of MiniMill overlay, made 3D viewer the default tab
v1.0.137: Added Confirmation Dialogs to the Grbl Settings reset buttons
v1.0.136: Added Door and Buttons to Troubleshooting, Added G28/G30 handling, Added Custom machine profile, added Machine Overlay in 3D viewer, added Goto OpenBuilds Button
v1.0.135: Handle XPROv4 DriverMinder/Grbl-feedhold-resume-abort buttons, add G20/G91 to GOTOZERO moves
v1.0.134: Added mPOS gotozero, and wPOS GotoZero via mPos Z0
v1.0.133: Fixed MacOS errors, Improved Icons
v1.0.131: Added Changelog section to Troubleshooting
v1.0.130: Fixed MacOS Quit Behaviour
v1.0.129: Enhanced Grbl Settings panel, added Laser specific hello-world
v1.0.127: Added Steps-per-mm Fine Tuning tool
v1.0.124: Added Z0 Probing
v1.0.122: Added Grbl Firmware Flashing utility
v1.0.119: Improved Tool-On and Tool-Off buttons
v1.0.117: Added Macros panel