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ODE BUG: Added intialisation for ODE solver variables
OSspecific/POSIX STYLE: Updated License to GPL v3
OpenFOAM BUG: matchPoints: use 2* match tolerance as tolerance in magSqr compa…
Pstream ENH: Pstream : expose outstanding requests
autoMesh STYLE: Updated License to GPL v3
conversion OpenFOAM-1.7.1: Updated tutorials
decompositionMethods ENH: parMetisDecomp : multiple faces between cells
dummyThirdParty COMP: include dummy file if thirdparty not present.
dynamicFvMesh ENH: dynamicFvMesh: added extra constructors
dynamicMesh BUG: polyTopoChange : cell from face created objectMap with -1.
edgeMesh STYLE: Updated License to GPL v3
engine ENH: migrating sortedToc() from dev
errorEstimation STYLE: Updated License to GPL v3
finiteVolume ENH: patchCloudSet: new sampledSet
fvAgglomerationMethods COMP: include dummy file if thirdparty not present.
fvMotionSolver ENH: surfaceSlipDisplacementPointPatchVectorField.C : added check for…
genericPatchFields Merge branch 'master' of ssh://noisy/home/noisy3/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.7.0
lagrangian ENH: Moved cloud warning inside debug clause
meshTools BUG: pointHitSort: define operator<
postProcessing ENH: partialWrite: support lagrangian
randomProcesses STYLE: Updated License to GPL v3
sampling ENH: patchCloud: return pTraits<Type>::max for unfound points
surfMesh BUG: STLsurfaceFormatCore : unsigned/signed comparison
thermophysicalModels liquids/C3H6O: Corrected vapour-pressure coefficient
topoChangerFvMesh ENH: movingConeTopoMesh : order of updates
transportModels interfaceProperties: correct alpha1 gradient following curvature calc…
triSurface BUG: stitchTriangles reordering the points, not renumbering the tris.
turbulenceModels ENH: RASModel.C: clipping input to log
Allwmake ENH: moved generic Fv/Point patch fields into separate lib
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