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Changes to OpenCage Geocoder API.

  • 20180923

    new version of the what3words library for our annotation means that we now support Afrikaans, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Thai, Xhosa, and Zulu.

  • 20180902

    we have significantly improved the granularity and coverage of our timezone annotation.

  • 20180827

    previously results in geojson format had not returned some of the fields (examples include status, timestamp, and more) that other response formats had. This is now corrected, sorry for the oversight.

  • 20180801

    non-GET HTTP requests to the API now return 405 - Method not allowed error.

  • 20180727

    added FIPS annotation for locations in the United States. See docs.

  • 20180724

    New optional parameter proximity for biasing results is now supported. See docs.

  • 20180701

    From 1 August 2018 non-GET HTTP requests will be treated as errors. Please see our blog post for full details.

  • 20180619

    our website moved to

  • 20180618

    added the Australian G-NAF dataset as one of the backend geocoders we query.

  • 20180614

    if a result is a road (ie _type key in the components portion of the result has the value "road") if possible we now also return a road_type with values like those generally used in OpenStreetMap.

  • 20180403

    added the Addok geocoder as one of the backend geocoders we query.

  • 20180302

    new page to clarify GDPR/data protection

  • 20171203

    added flag annotation. See the full list of annotations.

  • 20171005

    In many parts of the world roads may have names but also numbers or some sort of unique identifier code. In cases where the result for a reverse geocoding query is such a road, the components portion of the response now also contains a road_reference key and value. In Europe some major highways may also have a national and European reference (for example "A 6" and "E 15"). In such cases we also set the road_reference_intl key and value.

  • 20170601

    the components portion of the result now contains the key ISO_3166-1_alpha-2 with the corresponding code for that location if we are able to determine it. This is in addition to the two-letter country_code which is also returned. This is mainly useful for places like Puerto Rico or Guadeloupe where the two codes differ.

  • 20170517

    We have launched a new account dashboard, removing the 3rd party dashboard from 3scale we had peviously used. Passwords in the old (and new) systems were encrypted, thus making it impossible for us to transfer them to the new system, so the first time you log into the new system you will have to create a new password. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • 20170428

    new optional parameter abbrv. When supplied we attempt to shorten the formatted string that we return. Abbreviations are open-sourced in the address-formatting repo. See all optional parameters.

  • 20170415

    new version of the what3words library for our annotation means that we now support Arabic, Finnish, Italian, Mongolian, Polish, and Swedish

  • 20170311

    some tweaks to how we calculate confidence score for some of the backend geocoders, will generally result in slightly lower confidence

  • 20170111

    requests to geocode invalid coordinates now return a response with status code 400 Blog post.

  • 20161219

    added wikidata annotation.

  • 20161028

    added qibla annotation. Blog post.

  • 20161020

    added currency annotation. Blog post.

  • 20161007

    map view upgraded to leaflet 1.0.1

  • 20160914

    The optional parameter countrycode can be a comma seperated list of 2-letter country codes See full list of optional parameters.

  • 20160830

    Previously if a road name in the components field had been a digit it had been returned as a number not a string. This was unintentional and is now fixed. The road name is always returned as a string.

  • 20160601

    new optional request parameter no_record. See full list of optional parameters.

  • 20160503

    tweak to google-v3-json format to convert our types to google types

  • 20160423

    add _type key to the components list so that the type of object we geocoded to can more easily be determined. See docs.