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This document lists some common cases of regions of the world with different country codes than their ISO 3116-1 alpha-2 code. Usually these are cases of dependent territories or disputed territories.

We aggregate many different geocoders (see full list) and some may treat these territories as a different country than you expect. As a result, when forward geocoding for results in these territories we recommend you specify a comma separated list for the countrycode parameter.

As an example, when trying to restrict results to the island of Aruba, which is a a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and has the ISO code AW, rather than specifying


we recommend you instead use


Please see the OpenCage geocoding API documentation for details.

Here is a full list:

"country" countrycodes
Australia (au) au,cc,cx,hm,nf
China (cn) cn,hk,mo
Denmark (dk) dk,fo,gl
Finland (fi) fi,ax
France (fr) fr,bl,gf,gp,mf,mq,nc,pf,pm,re,tf,wf,yt
Morocco (ma) ma,eh
Netherlands (nl) nl,aw,bq,cw,sx
New Zealand (nz) nz,ck,nu,tk
Norway (no) no,bv,sj
United Kingdom (gb) gb,ai,bm,fk,gi,gg,gs,im,io,je,ky,ms,pn,sh,tc,vg
United States (us) us,as,gu,pr,um,vi

Please note, this is purely technical advice to help with geocoding and not intended as political commentary on which territories are or are not, or should or should not, be independent countries.