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add your location to your git commits

If you're on Mac OSX you can use Rob Mather's WhereAmI utility to get the location your computer thinks it is at.

You will need

  1. Download and install WhereAmI Put it in your home directory as whereami

  2. Register for an OpenCage Geocoder API key

  3. Test that WhereAmI is working

Latitude: 41.401499
Longitude: 2.128773
Accuracy (m): 65.000000
Timestamp: 17/10/2019, 13:26:32 CEST

You will probably need to go into System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy and enable Location Services to get it to work.


  1. now add you OpenCage API key with the optional -k flag
$~/whereami -k abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxyz1234567
Latitude: 41.401499
Longitude: 2.128773
Accuracy (m): 65.000000
Timestamp: 17/10/2019, 13:27:28 CEST
Carrer de Calatrava, 68, 08017 Barcelona, Spain

Note that the location is now printed as the fifth line of output, as the coordinates have been geocoded by OpenCage. You will of course need to be connected to the interent.

  1. copy the file prepare-commit-msg into ~/PROJECT/.git/hooks and set it to be exectuable

The next time you commit in PROJECT the location should now be appended to the commit message.


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