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UBC OpenChemE - Open Chemical Engineering Resources
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Open chemical engineering resources for everyone. Developed by folks at the University of British Columbia.



  • March 2018 TLEF Grant 18/19 - WebWorK Flash Feedback for Second-Year Engineering (FF2E): Personalized Experiential Learning with Instant Feedback Through Shared WeBWorK Resources
  • March 2018 TLEF Grant 18/19 - Python Math Doesn’t Need to Be Hard: Integrating Experiential Learning and Interactive Online Resources for Chemical Engineering
  • November 2017 UBC Open Dialogues How to use open tools and resources for problem sets
  • November 2017 UBC APSC News Creating and reusing problems using OER
  • July 2017 BCCampus Open Education Grants OER Grant Recipient
  • April 2017 TLEF Grant 2017/2018 Open ChemE: Increasing authentic student learning through open educational resources

Chemical Engineering Resources


  • We welcome contributions and pull requests. Please create an issue in our GitHub repository to provide feedback.
  • UBC students read this to find out more about paid, part-time positions for Open ChemE.
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