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LoRa MAC for the TI-RTOS Platform
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Use LoRaBUG_DemoClassA instead.

How to use

git clone
cd LoRaBug_Firmware/Firmware_LoRaMAC/LoRaMac-node
git submodule update --init --recursive
git checkout lorabug


  • Firmware_LMIC contains th LMIC Firmware implementation adapted from link
  • Firmware_LoRaMCA contains the LoRA_MAC Firmware implementation adapted from Semtech

Based on TI-RTOS

Libraries Versions for TI-RTOS + LoRa

The project should be compiled with the this set of tools:

  • CCS v6.2.0.00048 or higher link (Check CC26xx devices)
  • CCS v7 link (Check CC13xx and CC26xx devices during Install)
  • XDCtools version:
  • TI-RTOS for CC13XX and CC26XX v2.18.0.03
  • Compiler version: TI ARM v5.2.8 (in CCS Software search for Arm Compiler Tools v5.2.8)

Libraries Versions for BLE

Space Optimization

  • The logging takes up ~23kB of Flash memory in this application, because it uses System_printf functionality, as well as the UART driver and a Text table from TI-RTOS. In addition there is some overhead per statement, as well as the strings themselves. To remove the impact Log has on the image size, add a global compiler define xdc_runtime_Log_DISABLE_ALL as well as changing the TI-RTOS config file to read Text.isLoaded = false; instead of true.
  • For ignoring the logs from a specific file, add #define xdc_runtime_Log_DISABLE_ALL 1 to the top of the file
  • Predefined Option for shorter filepaths: xdc_FILE=""${InputFileName}""
  • Others in Section 10.4.1 of the BLE Manual

Version Control Rules


  • UART
    • Rate: 3M baud
    • 8 Data and 1 Stop bits
    • No Parity
    • Flow control XON/XOFF

Changelog for LMIC

  • v0.3 (29-Nov-2016)
    • Changed the maximum TX Power from 15 to 30, possible values are now from 2 to 30
    • Introducing the RAW TX Service (does not use the LMIC os, bypass of the rx function)
  • v0.2 (17-Nov-2016)
    • Basic BLE App that writes APP EUI, DEV EUI and DEV KEY to the Flash
  • v0.1 (2-Nov-2016)
    • Faster Join Process
    • Changed the default EU868 DR_DNW2 to 869525000 Hz and SF12
    • Using 2 attempts of joining before throwing a Join_Fail Event
  • v0.0 (1-Nov-2016)
    • Initial release based on lmic v1.6


  • devinfo Service can be remove to gain additional space (796 Flash and 480 SRAM Less)
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