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All services and configuration needed to run an OpenChirp gateway
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A gateway contains two important services, the packet_forwarder and the lora-gateway-bridge.

The packet_forwarder, produced by Semtech, interfaces with the SX1301 concentrator board and exposes a UDP interface. This UDP interface is used locally by the lora-gateway-bridge. The lora-gateway-bridge then bridges messages from the UDP to the remote MQTT instance, where the loraserver will consume them.

General Compilation Notes

The packet_forwarder requires the SX1301 HAL library lora_gateway to be in the parent directory. Both the lora_gateway and packet_forwarder should compile with nothing more than the build-essential package installed.

The lora-gateway-bridge requires a newer version of golang than what is supplied with Debian jessie (golang 1.3.3), since it uses some newer base64 library features. It will fail to compile with 1.3.3. To fix this issue, upgrade the Raspbian release to stretch, which has golang 1.6.1.


  • pkgs: Contains the Debian packages to bring up a new Yodel gateway.
  • conf: Configuration files needed by the services
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