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Middleware that provides libraries, GUI, and code generator to design multi-node (clustered) applications that are highly available, redundant, and scalable. Provides sub-second node and application fault detection and failover, and useful application libraries including distributed hash tables (checkpoint), event, logging, and communications. I…
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Welcome to the OpenClovis SAFplus Software Development Kit

   SAFplus is SA-Forum API compatible middleware that provides High 
   Availability (HA), System Management, and other services, addressing 
   the infrastructure needs of complex devices found in the telecom, 
   defense, financial and server cluster appliance (MMORPG gaming, etc)

   Before using this github repository, please download and install our 
   distribution package from:

   This will automatically install prerequisites and development tools.   

2. How to Install

   For more information on software pre-requisites and the complete procedure
   to install OpenClovis SDK, refer to the installation guide located at:

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