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OpenCollar Release Notes


  • Remove the limits of 3 owners, 15 trusted, 9 blocked, and 1 tempowner. Replace with shared limit of 28 people across all those lists.
  • Add new "Detach" button to the RLV menu, and associated "detach" command. This feature shows the user a list of the collar wearer's attachments, and allows you to detach them.
  • Added a new "image" command that uses the titler prim to show an image above the wearer's head. Thank you Mano Nevadan for the pull request.
  • Added OPTIONAL bundle type to the installer, for addons like oc_bookmarks that users might have intentionally removed.
  • Added new STOPPEDSCRIPT item type to bundles, for handling scripts that need to be loaded into child prims. (Replaces hardcoded special treatment of bundle "23" in the bundle handler.)
  • Use explicit list of scripts in PermsCheck instead of oc_* prefix, reducing spam for users of closed source third party plugins that use that prefix.
  • Fixed upgradeability of collar versions 3.0 through 3.2. Thank you Nataliaa Wirefly for the bug report and testing.


  • Returned to fully GPL version of OpenCollar scripts.
  • Returned to license requiring the scripts to remain full perms in Second Life. (No more no-mod oc_root script.)
  • Removed "FailSafe" kill switch function from all scripts. We found several versions of this function. All versions would cause the script to silently delete itself if you messed up permissions or renamed the script. All were somewhat obfuscated, using raw integers instead of the normal constants for permissions masks and inventory types. Some versions of FailSafe deleted other inventory in the prim, such as notecards and animations. Some versions were triggerable by a link message. We have replaced FailSafe with a new PermsCheck function that is de-obfuscated, doesn't delete anything, provides helpful suggestions for users/creators who want to get the permissions right, and allows renaming the script. Thank you Corwin Davidson for reporting this.
  • Returned to pre-6.6 update protocol. If you provide 3rd party plugins and found that your installer wouldn't work with 6.6/6.7, it should work again with 7.0.
  • Removed code that sent IMs to "Shycoconut Resident" if the collar was set no-modify for the current or next owner. Thank you pixelwork for the pull request.
  • Removed the "seal" feature, .distributor notecard requirement, and the obfuscated "JB()" code that supported it from oc_sys and oc_com. This was unnecessarily cumbersome for third party creators and provided a false sense of security. (Given that it was implemented in user-editable code, there was never anything preventing anyone from making their collar claim to be someone else's "official" release.)
  • Removed VirtualDisgrace-specific branding and links.
  • Renamed "Vanilla" to "OwnSelf"
  • Added mechanism for safely updating animations and preventing duplicates.
  • Removed dozens of unused variables and functions.
  • Fixed problem with oc_couples not re-reading config notecards on change.
  • Added support for updating collars as far back as 3.x.
  • Add oc_bookmarks back to the default updater.