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OpenConCam Noticeboard

Please add relevant notices here below. There is currently no specific format but we recomment a single paragraph starting with the data of the notice or event you want to promote, a short description including location and a link. Please assure that recent events/notices come at the top of the list. The syntax of this document is markdown.

Current Notices

24 November 2016 - OpenConCam 2016 - 9:30am - 5pm at the Betty and Gordon Moore Library

8 June 2016 Improving the research process - discussing an 'open research' position Eventbrite signup

How can we ensure that researchers are rewarded for the quality of their research and not only for the impact factor of the journals in which they publish? What needs to happen so the quality of the whole research process is taken into account when considering recruitment or academic promotions?Could our University have a position to encourage better transparency and openness in research? Could this solve some of the current problems experienced in the academic sector? The Office of Scholarly Communication would like to consult researchers on a number of ideas geared towards helping researchers to make all of their work openly available and rewarding the quality of the whole research process. We count on YOU to tell us what current problems in academic research are and what ideas would be useful to include in a planning document. Everyone is welcome to come to this event and contribute their ideas.

8-15 June 2016 Open Technology Week More information and booking

Open Technology Week will take place across the city between 8-15 June 2016, culminating in a gathering and open source maker faire at the Cambridge University Engineering Department on 15 June. We will showcase and celebrate open and open source technologies developed across Cambridge and beyond. We'll be asking why open matters, who benefits and in what contexts does greater openness make sense across a diverse array of established and emerging areas from synthetic biology to additive manufacturing to big data analytics. All welcome!

Past Notices

21 March 2016 Why does publishing open access help early career researchers? Eventbrite signup

Are you an early career researcher or PhD candidate? Do you want to know more about open access publishing and the opportunities that it offers? Come along to this interactive talk in Cambridge to find out about the benefits of open access publishing. This event features talks from open access publishers and looks at the different models available to authors. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the benefits and practicalities of publishing in open access journals early in a researcher’s career.