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OpenConCam membership

This file provides a short summary of the OpenConCam activists. (Once we have gathered all the profiles here, we will use it to sync the main OpenConCam web page.)

If you want to join OpenConCam, please feel free to add yourself. The information we would like you to share is shown below. Mandatory fields are name, surname, short profile, open tags and at least one channel (email, twitter, ...) for people to contact you if necessary. We would also like if you could provide 1 to 3 social media accounts.

Short profile:  
Open tags:  
(add other social media)

How to join

There are 3 possibilities to send us these information and join OpenConCam.

  • The preferred way requires a free GitHub account and some familiarity for GitHub. Make sure you are logged in and click on the little pen on the upper right corner of this page.

    edit page

    This will open an online editor for you to update this page using the simple markdown syntax. Start by copying the short form above at the bottom of this page and fill in the fields. Empty fields can either be left as is or removed completely. Then, scroll down to commit your changes but adding a short description of your update (Update, the default message is file) and optionally add an extended description. You will then be able to Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request by clicking on the Propose file change button.

    send PR

    The admins of the repository will then receive an automated pull request that we will be able to review and merge into the main page to include your change.

    If you do it like this, you will have done your first official and public contribution to OpenConCam!

    (For additional GitHub help, please see their grep help page.)

  • If you have a GitHub but don't feel like sending a pull request as described above, just open a public issue and copy/paste and fill our the information about in the issue. We will get notified that a new issue has been opened and can then add your profile to this page and then close the issue.

  • Finally, if you do not have a GitHub account and don't want to create one for free, you can fill out this Google form. After submission, one administrator will be notified by email and they will update this page for you. This method might result in a few days delay before we can update your details.

OpenConCam members

Name: Marta
Surname: Teperek
Short profile: Member of the Open Data Team at the University of Cambridge. I did my PhD in biology and I am personally fascinated about open science. I would love open data and open science to become the default position everywhere, not only in certain disciplines. If you have any suggestions of what the University of Cambridge might do to make data sharing easier, I would be delighted to hear from you.
Open tags: Open data, open access, open science, open research, open mind :)
twitter: @martateperek

Name: Laurent
Surname: Gatto
Short profile: Open science, bioinformatics, computational biology, proteomics, libre/open source, emacs, a lot of R and parenting.
Open tags: Open data, open source software, open access, open education
twitter: @lgatt0
GitHub: lgatto
keybase: lgatto

Name: Keren
Surname: Limor-Waisberg
Short profile: Enabling scientific literacy and promote a more accessible, inclusive, and collaborative science.
Open tags: Open mind, open research, open access, open science
twitter: @TheLiteracyTool
GitHub: KerenLW
facebook: theliteracytool

Name: Stephen
Surname: Eglen
Short profile: I am a computational neuroscientist. I am keen to promote reproducible research.
Open tags: Open data, open source software, open access, open education
twitter: @StephenEglen
GitHub: sje30

Name: Ben
Surname: Webb
Short profile: Software developer at Open Data Services, a workers co-op that helps people
publish and use open data.
Open tags: Open data, Open source, Government Transparency
twitter: @bjwebb67
GitHub: Bjwebb

Name: Rupert
Surname: Gatti
Short profile: Economist at Trinity College. Co-founder of Open Book Publishers, publishing Open Access academic books and monographs.
Open tags: Open Access, Open Data, Open Educational Resources, Open Research
twitter: @rupertgatti
GitHub: rupertgatti