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This repository is obsolete and is kept for reference only.

To deploy OpenConext, please use the Ansible-based deploy scripts from

OpenConext Virtual Machine

These are the resources required to build an OpenConext Virtual Machine.

OpenConext is the completely Open Source version of the educational collaboration platform that is used in the Netherlands, SURFconext. For more information regarding OpenConext, refer to the documentation at

How to use this OpenConext VM?

You can either:

  1. Install OpenConext on your own server / VM. This option is recommended if you already have a target machine for OpenConext.
  2. Let Vagrant install and manage a new virtual machine for you. This option is recommended if you already use Vagrant.

Option 1. I already have a machine I want to install OpenConext on.


  • a VM running CentOS 6 or RedHat EL 6 (other operating systems may work, but are not supported).

1.1. Download installer

From within the VM, download this repo:

curl | tar zx

1.2. Change the default VM settings

Copy the file:

install -d /etc/openconext
cp OpenConext-vm-75.1/scripts/ /etc/openconext/.

The OpenConext VM has a script to change all the default passwords to new random passwords.

pushd /etc/openconext

Adapt the VM settings to you likings using the comments in the /etc/openconext/ file.

1.3. Run the installer

Run the install script:

bash OpenConext-vm-75.1/scripts/

By default, the installer will run an 'unattended' setup, choosing sensible defaults. If you want to install a specific version of the platform, install a subset of components or change the default domain (, run the installer with a -i flag:

bash OpenConext-vm-75.1/scripts/ -i

Option 2. Letting Vagrant set up a new virtual machine.


2.1. Make a new directory for all OpenConext code

Example for OS X:

mkdir ~/Sites/OpenConext
cd ~/Sites/OpenConext

2.2. Download the VM project there

curl | tar zxv

2.3 Up, up and away!

You should now have a directory called OpenConext-vm-v75, go there and run vagrant up.

cd OpenConext-vm-v75.1 && vagrant up

Vagrant will download the basebox, set it up with NFS and install OpenConext for you.

Once installed...

Change your hosts-file

The installer ends with a message suggesting to add an entry to your hosts-file (that is: of the VM-host). Follow this suggestion if you want to use the OpenConext service from outside of the VM.

Visit Welcome URL

Point your browser to the welcome-URL, as mentioned by the installer. Install the CA's certificate in your browser as mentioned on that page.

Platform usage

You can now use the following OpenConext components:

To login in on the several Service Providers you can choose OpenConext Mujina IdP from the WAYF and login with admin / secret.

Samba share

If you want to make modifications to the components a Samba share is available at:

username: openconext
password: openconext

where address is the ip address of your VM.

MySQL access

If you want to query or update the database you will have to open up port 3306. Type in a VM shell:

iptables -I INPUT -p tcp -m tcp  --dport 3306 -j ACCEPT && service iptables save

The MySQL root-password is c0n3xt.


Please note that we unfortunately do not support upgrades from earlier versions of OpenConext.

We are working on a new version of the VM that is Ansible based and should ensure better support for upgrades.


⚠️ Obsolete respository, archive only 💤



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