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Create a Centos 7.0 VM using Vagrant for building the Step-up software Provisioning of the VM through Ansible

Host Requirements:

  • Vagrant
  • virtual box, or another provider supported by vagrant
  • Ansible 1.8 or newer

Create the VM, from the root for the repo run:

vagrant up --provider=virtualbox (or vagrant up --provider=vmware_fusion)

To rerun just the ansible provisioning: vagrant provision

Build a component using <component-name> where <component name> is one of:

  • Stepup-Middleware
  • Stepup-Gateway
  • Stepup-SelfService
  • Stepup-RA
  • Stepup-tiqr
  • oath-service-php

A specific tag or banch to build can be specified using --tag <tag name> and --branch <branch name> checks out the git repositories in the Stepup-Build repository. This step is performed on the host. Next is run in the Vargant VM for building the tarballs. When the build is successfull the resulting tarball is copied to the current directory. Name format: <component-name>-<branch or tag>-<date of last commit YYYYMMDDhhmmssZ>-<commit>.tar.bz2. E.g. Stepup-SelfService-develop-20150223143536Z-6ef51b629bc968218b582605894445b857927a4d.tar.bz2

Note: The build script will clean & reset the git repo's it uses, any manual changes to these repo's will be lost (Stepup-Build is not affected)!


Build enironment for creating Step-up releases




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