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What is OpenDAS ?

OpenDAS is a universal data acquisition system developed in the spirit of compliance with existing norms. It allows mobility thanks to the minimization of processing on the client, without any database on client side. The connector methods do the business tasks. OpenDAS is made to be flexible with different hardwares and softwares, making deployments faster. Some examples are included in this website using Talend methods to connect OpenDAS to OpenERP or Magento, but you can use whatever you want ("from scratch" scripts, an other ETL) provided there is links with JMS, to connect OpenDAS to any software (HR system, ERP system, extranet system, e-commerce system) or any combination of softwares.

You have a manufacturing lines: you have a software for HR, a software to define production orders, a software to register repairs, and a tool to prepare deliveries... These tools do not have role systems, they are not for use beside manufacturing lines, they are not easy to use for 'basic' users, but you want that your manufacturing lines be real-time connected to dashboards so you want that people on manufacturing lines interact with your software.

What can you do?

  • train everyone on each software ?
  • create a "hand made" unifying tool?
  • use a powerful easy-to-use unifying tool (OpenDAS, yes...)?

What is OpenDAS functional focus?

OpenDAS is a data acquisition system: wherever your process is, if workers have to interact with it, it can be implemented in OpenDAS.

Do you have pickings to do?

  • you have to give logistic workers pickings to be done
  • they have to pick and verify stock
  • they have to indicate when pack is done
  • they have to indicate when pack is controlled
  • they have to indicate when your shipper is gone with packs

Do you want people to indicate they're at their workcenter? Do you want people to indicate they begin a production order? Do you want people to indicate a workcenter has a problem? Do you want people to indicate a workcenter is offline due to maintenance? Do you want people to indicate workcenter is now online? Do you want people to indicate they will lack some products in the manufacturing process? ...

OpenDAS is an universal interface between men, detection or measure systems, and business processes. OpenDAS can also be used as an interface between detection or measure systems and alert dashboards.

OpenDAS license

The OpenDAS license is a GPL v3 license. The ready-to-use OpenDAS examples are under GPL v3 license. The examples that would not be under GPL v3 license will be delivered separately.

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