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Arduino code. Eagle schematic and board files.
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Adaptation of Yuriy Krushelnytskiy’s TouchDRO project to Sherline lathe and milling machines.


  • uses CUI's AMT102 rotary encoder
  • requires only adaptation of existing parts, easily modifiable by purchasing a new set of bushings and handwheels
  • inexpensive electronic components, including a tachometer
  • custom designed printed circuit board eliminates the need for lots of wiring
  • based on the teensyduino but compatible with any arduino-based microcontroller
  • the TouchDRO project's app is compatible with any Android device with bluetooth


And includes all of TouchDRO's features:

  • Bluetooth connectivity support
  • Display for up to four axes
  • Support for metric an imperial units (mm and inch)
  • Support for standard DRO functions:
    • Tool Offset
    • Preset Dimension
    • “1/2” Function
    • Hole Circle (Arch)
    • Hole Grid
    • Point memory only limited by internal storage capacity of device
    • Multiple workspaces
    • Worskpace preview

Implementation details can be found here:


There is now a second version of the interface (rev 2) with several enhancements. More information can be found here TouchDRO rev 2.

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