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# /mf : Flat memory model
# /5r : pentium register calling convention
# /s : remove stack overflow checks
# /ox : optimize
# /wx : warnings maximums
# /q : quiet
coptions = /5r /s /ox /wx /q /bt=DOS4G /dDOS /i=..\include
link_options =
objs = animation.obj config.obj cutscene.obj explosion.obj file.obj gfx.obj house.obj ini.obj inifile.obj load.obj map.obj object.obj opendune.obj rev.obj save.obj scenario.obj sprites.obj string.obj structure.obj team.obj tile.obj timer.obj tools.obj unit.obj wsa.obj
audio_objs = driver.obj dsp_none.obj midi_none.obj mt32mpu.obj sound.obj crashlog_none.obj
misc_objs = format40.obj format80.obj input.obj mouse.obj
gui_objs = editbox.obj font.obj gui.obj mentat.obj security.obj viewport.obj widget.obj widget_click.obj widget_draw.obj
os_objs = video_dos.obj endian.obj error.obj readdir.obj
# readdir.obj
pool_src = $(p)house.c $(p)structure.c $(p)team.c $(p)unit.c
save_src = $(p)house.c $(p)info.c $(p)map.c $(p)object.c $(p)scenario.c $(p)structure.c $(p)team.c $(p)unit.c
script_src = $(p)structure.c $(p)team.c $(p)unit.c
table_src = $(p)animation.c $(p)explosion.c $(p)sound.c $(p)widget.c
p = p
pool_objs = $+ $(pool_src:.c=.obj) $-
p = sl
save_objs = $+ $(save_src:.c=.obj) $- saveload.obj scriptengine.obj
p = s
script_objs = $+ $(script_src:.c=.obj) $- general.obj script.obj
p = t
table_objs = $+ $(table_src:.c=.obj) $- actioninfo.obj houseanimation.obj houseinfo.obj landscapeinfo.obj movementtype.obj selectiontype.obj structureinfo.obj teamaction.obj tilediff.obj unitinfo.obj widgetinfo.obj windowdesc.obj
p =
all_objs = $(objs) $(audio_objs) $(misc_objs) $(gui_objs) $(os_objs) $(pool_objs) $(save_objs) $(script_objs) $(table_objs)
all: precopy ..\bin\opendune.exe
precopy: .symbolic
CD ..\src\pool
@FOR %F IN ($(pool_src)) DO COPY /Y %F p%F
CD ..\saveload
@FOR %F IN ($(save_src)) DO COPY /Y %F sl%F
CD ..\script
@FOR %F IN ($(script_src)) DO COPY /Y %F s%F
CD ..\table
@FOR %F IN ($(table_src)) DO COPY /Y %F t%F
CD ..\..\objs
.c: ..\src\;..\src\audio\;..\src\crashlog\;..\src\codec\;..\src\gui\;..\src\input\;..\src\os\;..\src\pool\;..\src\saveload\;..\src\script\;..\src\table\;..\src\video\
# $< : prerequesites
# $[* : without file extension
wcc386 $(coptions) $<
..\bin\opendune.exe: opendune.exe
copy $< $@
opendune.exe: $(all_objs)
%write opendune.lnk NAME $@
%write opendune.lnk SYSTEM DOS4G
%write opendune.lnk OPTION MAP
#%write opendune.lnk FILE {$<}
FOR %F IN ($<) DO %write opendune.lnk FILE %F
%write opendune.lnk LIBRARY clib3r.lib
wlink $(link_options) @opendune.lnk
CD ..\src\pool
@FOR %F IN ($(pool_src)) DO DEL p%F
CD ..\saveload
@FOR %F IN ($(save_src)) DO DEL sl%F
CD ..\script
@FOR %F IN ($(script_src)) DO DEL s%F
CD ..\table
@FOR %F IN ($(table_src)) DO DEL t%F
CD ..\..\objs