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To get OpenDUNE running on Atari Falcon and TT :
* building
cross compile using cross mint :
use :
./configure --host=m68k-atari-mint --os=TOS
you'll also need vasm (vasmm68k_mot)
* Precompiled versions
Discussion about the port on :
* running
- MIDI music is sent to the ATARI MIDI Out port : use a Gerneral Midi
or MT32 compatible expander to hear music. Set mt32midi=1 in OPENDUNE.INI
to enable the MT32 songs.
- 320x200 (RGB) or 320x240 (VGA) 8bpp modes are used on Falcon.
TT Low (320x480 8bpp) is used on TT.
- Keyboard and mouse input is managed with a custom IKBD interrupt
- Digitized Sound and Voices are played using STE DMA Sound.
Depending on your Falcon configuration, you may need to run
FPATCH.PRG / FPATCH2.PRG before launching the game
- OPENDUNE.INI file should be located in the same directory as
- DOS Dune II v1.07 original files should be in a DATA subdirectory,
savegames and options will be stored in a SAVES subdirectory.
Thomas Bernard