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OpenDUNE for OS/2
1. How to run OpenDUNE
1) Copy Dune v1.07 files to `data' directory1
2) Copy CM32L_CONTROL.ROM and CM32L_PCM.ROM to `roms' directory
3) Copy opendune.ini.sample to opendune.ini to modify default settings
* You SHOULD GET Dune2 v1.07 files and MIDI ROM files by yourself.
2. Tips
* If CPU load is high, set mt32midi of opendune.ini to 0.
* If CPU load is still high, rename `roms' directory to something like
`roms.sav'. This disables MIDI sounds at all.
3. How to build OpenDUNE
3.1. Requirements
* libkai v2.0.0
* munt-libmt32emu v2.4.1
* SDL2 v2.0.4
* gcc v9.1
3.2. Configure
Just run configure like:
sh ./configure
3.3. Build
Just run make like:
Then, you'll get opendune.exe in `bin' directory.