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OpenDUNE running on Atari Falcon and TT :
To get OpenDUNE running on Atari Falcon and TT :
cross compiling under linux using cross mint :
* building
cross compile using cross mint :
use :
@@ -9,13 +12,30 @@ use :
you'll also need vasm (vasmm68k_mot)
* Precompiled versions
Discussion about the port on :
Precompiled versions :
* running
MIDI music is sent to the ATARI MIDI Out port.
320x200 (RGB) or 320x240 (VGA) 8bpp modes are used on Falcon.
TT Low (320x480 8bpp) is used on TT.
Keyboard and mouse input is managed with a custom IKBD interrupt
Digitized Sound and Voices are played using STE DMA Sound.
Depending on your Falcon configuration, you may need to run
FPATCH.PRG / FPATCH2.PRG before launching the game
OPENDUNE.INI file should be located in the same directory as
DOS Dune II v1.07 original files should be in a DATA subdirectory,
savegames and options will be stored in a SAVES subdirectory.
Thomas Bernard

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