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craigo- commented May 19, 2013

When running OpenDUNE on my Windows-based EeePC with both music and sound turned on, I frequently get "waveOutOpen failed" popup messages (see attached image.) Once it occurs, clicking on any unit that produces sound generates the popup. Toggling music and sound off and then back on again does not help. The error.log and output.log files remain empty, and no crash dumpfile is produced. Eventually the program starts Not Responding and the only option is to end it.

I have not yet seen the same problem when playing on my desktop PC (Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM, nVidia Quadro graphics, Windows 7 Enterprise x86).

I have tried MrFlibble's updated VOC files. I believe the frequency of problems reduces when using them, but the problem still occurs.


  • EeePC 1015 (1GB RAM, Intel graphics @ 1024x600, Realtek High Definition Audio)
  • Windows 7 Starter x86
  • OpenDUNE 0.7 (release) and pre-v0.8 (built by myself from github source downloaded 2013-05-17)
  • Dune 2 1.07 EU game files (as a base)

opendune_pre0 8_soundfail

glx22 commented May 19, 2013

Please update to the latest source. I added some info in the error message.

craigo- commented May 19, 2013

I ran the new version and started Atreides mission 1. Very soon into the game, I got the error message:

waveOutOpen failed (1)

The error does not occur with music on and sound off.

I restarted the game with music off and sound on, and managed to complete the first two Atreides missions with no errors. It seems to only fault when both music and sound are on.

In case it is relevant, I am running the game with the speed set to "Fastest".

EDIT: thanks also for fixing the config.lib problem for recent gcc builds - one less step for me :-)

glx22 commented May 20, 2013

So nice, it's MMSYSERR_ERROR (unspecified error). That means it will be hard to find what happened.

craigo- commented May 21, 2013

Can I provide any further information?

Can anyone else with similar hardware confirm the problem?

My knowledge of C and this codebase is still very new, so my assistance may be limited to build testing...

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