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This is a sample submission repository for Open Data Hackathon Projects. You can fork this repo and use this as a starting point.

Team Name

Choose a fun team name!

Vancouver Open Data Day Challenge

What VODDay Challenge is your project focusing on? (See the 2018 VODday Challenges.)

Prototype Problem Statement

A clear statement of the problem your team has identified to address through the project. Use this problem statement as the basis to ideate around. Research and validate the problem to test if it is an issue, or if others are already addressing in. You may need to pivit your problem statement, and ideas around approach depending on what you discover about the issue and resources available.

This will help focus your approach to addressing the challenge.

Protoype Summary

Summarize your approach to addressing the challenge. Highlight the value of your approach to addressing the challenge, who your inteded users are, and the long term vision.

Open Data Sets

What Open Data Sets Did You Use?

What open data sets, standards, OpenAPI's etc does your prototype draw on? How does it use them?

  • List them here...

What Open Data Sets Do You Still Need?

What open data sets are not yet available, but are needed for or would benifit your project. Explain how you would use the data to improve your prototype and address the challenge. Who might have this data?

This is your chance to form a mini business case for the data you need to share with open data providers!


Live Prototype

[Link to your prototype]


Link to your presentation or any related visuals you want to share.

Next Steps

What do you need to do next to turn this prototype into a working solution?


Keep updating as you continue to turn your prototype into a working solution.

  • Summarize what progress you've made since VODday
  • Tweet @OpenDataBC with your updates
  • Show off your progress at OpenDataBC events
  • Share your prototype and progress with the organizations related to the challenge your adressing and the providers of the open data you are using.