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Pick N Mix 10: Accessing Open Data Using APIs

With Dr Reka Solymosi, University of Manchester.

Recorded 14th July 2020.

Video for session:

Resources for session:

One of the principles of open data is that it is accessible and usable. A way that organisations provide such access to their data is through the use of APIs (application programming interface).

In this session we will:

  • Discuss the use of RESTful APIs for the purposes of accessing open data from the web
  • Explore direct calls to an API
  • Explore using API wrappers (both Graphical User Interfaces and code)

The session is aimed at those with little to no experience with APIs, but hopefully you will get something out of it no matter the level of experience.

What you'll need:

It will be possible to follow along a lot of the content with just an internet browser. However, Reka will also be demonstrating calling APIs from within R, so if participants have R and R Studio, they can follow that part too. However it’s not a requirement.

For those who want to follow along the parts of the session in R, Reka will be using the following packages:

- library(jsonlite)
- library(osmdata)
- library(ggplot2)
- library(sf)
- library(readr)
- library(dplyr)
- library(tidyr)
- library(patchwork)

More info

- Reka's website [](