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Open Data Node v1.2.3 was released 23 Jan 2016.


  • refactored packaging of DPUs for UnifiedViews to use one package (instead of two) and allow distinct set of DPUs to be installed in ODN (some DPUs do not make sense in ODN)
  • bugfixing


This version consist of following versions of components:

(***** means new in this release)

Special upgrade notice

If you are upgrading from ODN 1.2.2 or older, in addition to usual upgrade steps:

  • aptitude update
  • aptitude upgrade

run also following command:

  • apt-get install odn-uv-plugins

Optional components

This version also support these optional components:

List of fixed issues

[All fixes bugs and enhancements](../../issues?q=milestone:"ODN v1.2.3")

Download and install

Debian packages are available at: https://packages.comsode.eu/debian/

For installation of OpenDataNode using Debian package (odn-simple) see Installation manual

Post-installation steps for clean system installation

Immediately after the installation is done perform post-installation steps.