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Open Data Node v1.6.0 was released on November 15, 2016.


  • New DPUs:
    • t-excelToCSV: extracts selected sheets from Excel file into CSV files
    • q-sparqlAsk: RDF data validation using SPARQL ASK query
  • Bug-fixes for ODN/UnifiedViews, ODN/midPoint and ODN/*Catalog
  • Bug-fixes for some existing DPUs (see here for details)


This version consist of following versions of components:

(***** means new in this release)

Optional components:

This version also supports following optional components:

List of fixed issues

[All fixes bugs and enhancements](../../issues?q=milestone:"ODN 1.6.0")


To upgrade from previous release, simply run:

aptitude update
aptitude upgrade

If you are going to upgrade also the Debian system itself (from version 7 to version 8), be sure to read specific upgrade instructions.

Download and install

Debian packages are available at .

For installation of Open Data Node using Debian package (odn-simple) see Installation manual

Post-installation steps for clean system installation

Immediately after the installation is done perform post-installation steps.